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IYCF-E Orientation package: Training resources

Author: Chloe Angood
Year: 2009
Resource type: Training

The content that you deliver in an orientation on IFE will depend on your group, the time you have, and your own interests and style. These materials have been developed to highlight key content and for you to draw upon.  

We welcome feedback and examples of any adaptation that you make in delivering IFE orientation to different groups. Email marie.

Facilitator Guide (39kb, Word)
This provides a facilitator with some ideas for planning a session on IFE for different timings and groups. It introduces the different resources available here, and how they might be used.

Silent presentation on IFE (18mb, PowerPoint)
This comprises a series of slides with little words that reflects scenes and pictures from around the world on IFE. We have used this as an opening presentation to ‘set the scene’ or over break times in training sessions. We encourage you to amend pictures to suit your context, and to share your work with us so that we can broaden the scope of the visual content.

Essential orientation on IFE (1 hour) (8mb, PowerPoint)
This comprises a series of powerpoints with simple notes to guide the facilitator.

Essential orientation on IFE (bonus content) (27mb, Zip)
This comprises slides that can be used to expand on content for different groups or for different timings. Bonus slides are included on assessment, HIV, the International Code, and essential orientation. Samples of a ‘bare minimum’ series of slides and a more detailed orientation are also included.

Supporting technical notes are also available for background reading or to support the development of content for specific groups.

Working Groups

Country Problem Analysis
Country Action Plan
Scenario 1  (urban, Africa) – Participants sheet and Answer sheet
For more examples of scenarios to use, see Module 17 HTP..

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