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FEX54: Editors Speak

Podcast  /  17 March 2017

Join Marie McGrath and Jeremy Shoham, editors of Field Exchange in conversation with Tui Swinnen as they explore some of the key themes and content of this issue.

This FEX 54 podcast includes discussions of articles related to the links between humanitarian and development programming and the evolution of nutrition-sensitive multi-sector programming in the sector. There is also a special feature from the ACF conference the took place in Paris November 2016, that explored operational challenges and uptake of research on prevention and treatment of SAM.

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Experiences from Niger - developing and planning for nutrition

Video  /  14 March 2017

Dr Nassirou Ousmane is the Director of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health and the SUN Focal Point for Niger. In this video, Dr Ousmane discusses the progress made towards elaborating and costing the Nigerien national plan for nutrition.

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Experiences from Peru - nutrition plan evaluation and strengthening

Video  /  14 March 2017

Maria Rosa Boggio is a consultant in child nutrition based in Peru. Maria Rosa worked closely with the Roundtable on Poverty Reduction in country. In this video, Maria Rosa discusses the significant progress that has been made towards reducing malnutrition in Peru.

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