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C-MAMI Tool, Version 2 (2018)

Author: ENN, GOAL, LSHTM, Save the Children & collaborators
Year: 2018
Resource type: Field tool

The C-MAMI Tool provides a health worker with a format to assess, identify/classify and manage at risk mothers and infants under six months in the community (C-MAMI) who are nutritionally vulnerable.

The aim of the C-MAMI Tool is to help put the latest WHO technical guidance into practice. It was developed as a first step to help fill a gap in programming guidance. The tool draws upon and complements existing national and international guidance and protocols. It is modelled on the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) approach.  

Version 1.0 of the C-MAMI Tool was produced in 2015.  Version 2.0 is now available, an update informed by programme experiences; a Save the Children/GOAL evaluation in Bangladesh and Ethiopia; and peer review of experts and programmers working in this area, coordinated by ENN.

Version 2.0 development was funded by Save the Children and ENN (Irish Aid).

The C-MAMI v 2.0 Package comprises:

  1. C-MAMI Tool
  2. Counselling and Support Actions Booklet
  3. Counselling Cards
  4. C-MAMI Programme Management Cards

The C-MAMI Tool may require adaptation, development of programme-specific materials and different levels of training for implementation.

The C-MAMI v 2.0 Package is currently available in English. A word version, to facilitate adaptation, is available on request. Contact: Marie McGrath, ENN.



C-MAMI-Tool-Total-C-MAMI-Package-.pdf (PDF, 12.3mb)

C-MAMI-Tool-Overview-.pdf (PDF, 279kb)

1.-C-MAMI-Tool-v2.pdf (PDF, 132kb)

2.Counselling-and-support-actions-booklet-C-MAMI-Package.pdf (PDF, 7.1mb)

3.Counselling-Cards-C-MAMI-Package.pdf (PDF, 7.5mb)

4.-Programme-Tools-C-MAMI-Package-.pdf (PDF, 65kb)

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