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Counselling tools for complementary feeding and fathers role in IYCF, Ethiopia

Author: Linkages / Various
Year: 2005
Resource type: Field tool

There are 2 materials produced by Linkages:

  1. Counselling tool on complementary feeding - Leaflet with diagrams
  2. Counselling cards for fathers on infant and maternal health - Ethiopia

Also, WFP Nutrition Service compiled nutrition education materials (mainly posters and visuals) used by different WFP country offices mostly for their MCHN programmes a few years ago - examples from Ethiopia and here. These are typically conceived, designed and printed in the countries and in partnership with various nutrition actors. Has picutures rawings to illustrate material some of which are good and could be used to illustrate IFE points in these countries.

Care should be taken that messages are up to date.


complementary-feeding-counselingtool-linkages-ethiopia.pdf (PDF, 287kb)

ethiopia-counseling-cards-fathers-linkages.pdf (PDF, 829kb)

ethiopia.pdf (PDF, 2.7mb)

ethiopia-4.jpg (JPG, 82kb)

ethiopia-5.jpg (JPG, 113kb)

ethiopia-8.jpg (JPG, 215kb)

ethiopia-9.jpg (JPG, 266kb)

ethiopia-10.jpg (JPG, 236kb)

ethiopia-11.jpg (JPG, 236kb)

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