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Themed content from Field Exchange

Once per year we publish a Field Exchange issue with a special focus. Previous examples include nutrition cluster coordination, nutrition-sensitive programming, urban programming and the response to the Syria crisis.

Some of our general issues also include special sections that bring together content on common themes or that highlight proceedings from strategic meetings.

All themed content is listed here. Find out what themes are coming up in future Field Exchange issues here. 

Themed issues 

Special issue on child wasting in South Asia (in collaboration with UNICEF ROSA) (FEX 63)

Special issue on continuum of care for acute malnutrition (FEX 60)

Special section on management of at risk mothers and infants under 6 months (MAMI) (FEX 58)

Nutrition Cluster Coordination (FEX 56)

Special compilation of content in French (FEX French 1)

Nutrition-sensitive programming (FEX 51)

Nutrition response to the Syria crisis (FEX 48)

Urban food security and nutrition (FEX 46)

Lessons from the scale-up of community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) (FEX 43)

Focus on Ethiopia (FEX 40)

Infant feeding in emergencies (IFE) (FEX 34)

Southern Africa and programmatic challenges presented by HIV/AIDS and infant feeding in emergencies (FEX 29)


Special sections

Special section on COVID-19 nutrition programming(from FEX 65)

Special section on CMAM Surge(from FEX 64)

Special section on Global Technical Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM) (from FEX 61)

Management of at risk mothers and infants under six months (MAMI) (from FEX 58)

Action Against Hunger Research for Nutrition Conference 2017 (from FEX 57)

No Wasted Lives - an overview (from FEX 55)

Action Against Hunger Research for Nutrition Conference 2016 (from FEX 54)

Story of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Nigeria (from FEX 50)

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