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Harmonised Information, Education and Communication Tools for Nutrition, Arabic

Author: Whole of Syria Nutrition Sector
Year: 2017
Resource type: Field tool

A set of harmonised Information, Education and Communication (IEC) tools for nutrition in Arabic which were developed by the Whole of Syria (WoS) nutrition sector as a result of a nutrition, food security and livelihoods workshop in October 2016 in Jordan, attended by global nutrition and food security cluster coordinators and country-level coordinators and partners, and a follow-up operational workshop in March 2017. 

See related article in Field Exchange Issue 56 (October 2017). 


Acute-Malnutrition-Brochure.pdf (PDF, 1.4mb)

Advices-to-the-staff-and-workers-conducting-general-food-distributions.pdf (PDF, 368kb)

Breast-feeding-Flyer.pdf (PDF, 564kb)

Breastfeeding-poster.pdf (PDF, 338kb)

Breastfeeding-storybook.pdf (PDF, 3.0mb)

Brochure_MNP_AR_FV.pdf (PDF, 243kb)

Complementary-feeding-Flyer.pdf (PDF, 1.8mb)

Food-Safety-Poster.pdf (PDF, 8.2mb)

General-Messages-for-good-Nutrition-Flyer.pdf (PDF, 841kb)

High-Energy-Biscuit-Flyers.pdf (PDF, 1,011kb)

How-to-Breast-feed-your-Baby-flyer.pdf (PDF, 6.2mb)

IYCF-Poster-Final-42x58-cm.pdf (PDF, 9.2mb)

IYCF-Counselling-Cards-Arabic-English.pdf (PDF, 6.1mb)

IYCF-Counselling-Package-Arabic-.pdf (PDF, 6.8mb)

Job-Aid-CHV-MNP-distribution_AR_FV.pdf (PDF, 297kb)

Plumpy-Doz-Flyer.pdf (PDF, 296kb)

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