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IFE Core Group membership

Members of the IFE Core Group are comprised of both individuals and agencies. 


Membership contributions to the IFE Core Group include: 

Becoming a member of the IFE Core Group

IFE Core group members are expected to around 5 days per year (excluding a two-day annual meeting). This involves monthly calls and contribution to collective areas of work identified in the group work plan. In addition, agencies must seek to contribute an annual financial contribution (£1,600) to ENN to safeguard a minimum level of coordination and ‘hosting’ of the IFE Core Group and/or provide pro bono support for IFE Core Group activities to support the core functions of the IFE Core Group. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the IFE Core Group you need to: 

1. Submit an agency or individual Nomination Form (Form A) in which you identify an individual who will be the focal point for the organization (if agency). The primary focal point is the regular participant in IFE Core Group calls and communications. This person must have relevant expertise/experience and capacity to coordinate inputs from other relevant colleagues within the agency. There is no limitation to the number of individuals per approved organization who wish to participate in the IFE-CG.

2. Submit a Declaration of Interest (DOI) (Form B) in which you or the agency declare any interest that may affect risk for secondary interest as per the Guidelines on Conflict of Interest (Doc A).

Forms A and B are to be sent to A response to the organization will be sent within four weeks of receipt.

Applications will be reviewed by members of the steering committee in accordance with the interests management plan. Final membership decision is made by ENN. 

Additional information about the IFE Core Group Terms of Reference can be found here


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