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Resource type: Training

Note: This module has now been updated to Module 1, v2.1, 2010.

Module 1. Infant feeding in emergencies.

For emergency relief staff.
Orientation and reference.

Module 1 was developed through interagency collaboration (WHO, UNICEF, Linkages, IBFAN, ENN) and consultation with many experts and field workers. Version 1 was produced in November 2001. It's purpose is to prepare emergency relief staff to safeguard maternal and child health and is appropriate for decision-makers, regional managers, logisitics officiers, camp administrators and all those who directly or indirectly support mothers and children in emergencies. It complements the content of Module 2.

An update of Module 1 is planned for 2008. This will be carried out by the IFE Core Group, and funded by the IASC Nutrition Cluster.

The current version of Module 1 should only be used by refering and defering to the latest policy guidance, in particualr WHO Guidance on Infant Feeding and HIV and the Operational Guidance on IFE (v2.1, Feb 2008). 

Module 1 comprises three parts - a core manual, presenters notes and slides content. The slides content is available as a powerpoint presentation and has been updated (Feb 2008) to reflect the current Operational Guidance on IFE (v2.1, Feb 2007) and latest guidance on infant feeding and HIV.


Content: Module 1 provides an introduction to infant feeding in emergencies and is for orientation, reading and reference. This module explains why IFE is an important concern, discusses many of the challenges, describes relevant aspects of the Code, and suggests how to establish conditions that support breastfeeding and reduce dangers of artificial feeding. Module 1 can be used alone, or as preparation for module 2, according to the audience.

Note: It is in the process of being updated, in the interim is should only be used alongside Operational Guidance on IFE (2007), in order that the participants follow current guidelines. Updated overheads (Feb 2008) available in the IFE Resources Library (search Training Materials) at

Target audience: Module 1 target is all staff working in or with emergencies such as managers, logisticians, water and sanitation technicians, health and nutrition workers, donors (non exhaustive list).

Time for training: Module 1 can be rapidly presented in one hour although it is recommended to allow for 2 to 3 hours for a more interactive approach. See presenter’s notes for advice.

Both Modules I and II are also available in print or on CD-ROM from the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), 32, Leopold Street, Oxford, OX4 1TW, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1865 324996, Fax: +44 (0)1865 324997, E-mail:


module1-trainerguide.pdf (PDF, 51kb)

module1-manual-refer-ops-gv2-1.pdf (PDF, 901kb)

mod-1-pwrpoint-updated-feb-2008(3).ppt (PowerPoint, 2.1mb)

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