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Assessment of Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Practices Guidelines and Recommendations

Author: ACF
Year: 2006
Resource type: Field tool

A guide and examples of how to do an infant and young child feeding assessment.

Includes examples of materials used after the Tsunami (2004) and Indonesia earthquake (2006).

Example 7 is an IFE assessment from the Indonesia earthquake (2006).

Note Annex 3 on Indicators is becoming outdated - indicators are currently being updated see: Indicators for assessing infant and young child feeding practices. Conclusions of a concensus meeting held 6-8 November 2007 in Washington DC (available in the Resource library under Assessment, Surveys and Indicators tag.


acf-bf-assessment-methodology.pdf (PDF, 154kb)

acf-assessment-mother-baby(1).pdf (PDF, 41kb)

acf-group-discussion(1).pdf (PDF, 41kb)

acf-example-1-hh-bf-questionnaire(1).pdf (PDF, 20kb)

example-2-hh-bf-questionnaire-acf-used-indonesia-2006-(a)(1).xls (Excel, 31kb)

acf-annex-1-interview-guidelines(1).pdf (PDF, 82kb)

copy-of-annex-2-calender-of-events-(a)(1).xls (Excel, 20kb)

annex-3-indicators-measurement(1).pdf (PDF, 123kb)

annex-4-kpc-survey-field-guide-(care)(1).pdf (PDF, 1.2mb)

annex-5-sampling(1).pdf (PDF, 451kb)

acf-example-6-village-file(1).pdf (PDF, 82kb)

acf-example-7-java-bf-assess-june-06-finalv(1).pdf (PDF, 778kb)

copy-of-example-5-spotcheck-observation-list-acf-(a)(1).xls (Excel, 20kb)

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