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Breastfeeding and complementary feeding leaflets and counselling cards, Linkages India.

Author: Linkages (CARE & CRS)
Year: 2005
Resource type: Field tool


Breastfeeding counselling cards - Hindi with English translation. Cards and pictures breast and comp feeding were used for house visits in India.


Breastfeeding in the community counselling cards - Hindi. Cards and pictures breast and comp feeding

CRS Counselling cards - Hindi - Cards and pictures breast and comp feeding used during community breastfeeding promotion activities

CRS Flashcards on Breastfeeding and maternal nutrition - Hindi and Telugu (Hydarabad). Cards and pictures breast and comp feeding. Used in Lucknow Zone


World Vision Breastfeeding and complementary feeding counselling cards - Hindi?


india-care-breastfeeding-counselling-cards-linkages.pdf (PDF, 2.2mb)

india-crs-community-counselling-cards-breastfeeding.pdf (PDF, 1.5mb)

india-crs-hindi-flashcards.pdf (PDF, 2.2mb)

india-telegu-flashcards-breastfeeding-comp-feeding-crs.pdf (PDF, 6.9mb)

india-crs-ccards-2-breastfeeding.pdf (PDF, 2.1mb)

india-world-vision-ccards.pdf (PDF, 2.4mb)

india-crs-ccards-breastfeeding.pdf (PDF, 1.5mb)

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