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Linkages Project

Author: Linkages Project
Year: 2010
Resource type: Research

Linkages Project publications on feeding infants:

• Birth, Initiation of Breastfeeding, and the First Seven Days after Birth - Facts for Feeding
• Breastmilk: A Critical Source of Vitamin A for Infants and Young Children- Facts for Feeding
• Feeding Infants and Young Children During and After Illness
• Feeding Low Birthweight Babies - Facts for Feeding
• Guidelines for Appropriate Complementary Feeding of Breastfed Children 6-24 months of Age
• Meeting the Iron Requirements of Infants and Young Children: Recommended Practices to Improve Infant Nutrition during the First Six Months- Facts for Feeding


fff7daysenglish-update0703.pdf (PDF, 92kb)

fff-iron.pdf (PDF, 72kb)

factsforfeeding0-6months-eng.pdf (PDF, 72kb)

linkages-report-final-draft-edit2(1).pdf (PDF, 1.3mb)

breastmilk-a-critical-source-of-vitamin-a.pdf (PDF, 133kb)

facts-for-feeding-illness-11-21-06.pdf (PDF, 92kb)

fff-lbw-3-30-06.pdf (PDF, 92kb)

factsforfeeding-6-24months-eng.pdf (PDF, 82kb)

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