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Is the separation between wasting and stunting justified?

Podcast  /  6 May 2019

In this episode ENN Technical Directors Tanya Khara and Carmel Dolan are joined by Martha Mwangome from the Kemri / Wellcome Trust research programme in Kenya and Dr Sophie Moore from King's College London to talk about the Wasting and Stunting Technical Interest Group (WaSt TIG). 

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The Relationship between Wasting and Stunting: Emerging evidence and implications

Video  /  29 March 2019

ENN’s Technical Directors, Tanya Khara conducted a lecture at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she explained the linkages between wasting and stunting, outlining the latest evidence of the overlap between the two types of malnutrition and how children may progress from one manifestation of undernutrition to the other. This video captures the lecture with relevant slides.

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Developments and progress of SUN Movement Networks in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

Podcast  /  29 March 2019

In this podcast ENN’s Technical Director Jeremy Shoham talks to Natalie Sessions, the Global KM coordinator for the SUN KM Project within ENN, about the SUN Movement Networks in Africa and Asia. They explain why they chose to focus on networks in fragile and conflict-affected states, and unpack the methodology used to gather the information, as well as sharing some of the key findings. 

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The Power of Nutrition Champions in Sierra Leone

Podcast  /  29 March 2019

In this podcast, Holly Sedutto from the UN Network Secretariat, unpacks what it takes to be a nutrition champion in Sierra Leone. Holly speaks with Philip Kanu about his experiences as a UNN-REACH facilitator, the process of raising awareness around nutrition and engaging parliamentarians to make a change. His interview is accompanied by an interview with Dr. El-Bashir from UNICEF and Laureant from Irish Aid who speak of some of Philips successes.

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NEX 11: Building a common vision for nutrition in Somalia; the role of a Common Results Framework

Podcast  /  23 January 2019

ENN’s Technical Directors Carmel Dolan and Jeremy Shoham, speak with Dr Farah, Special Adviser on Health and Nutrition to the national Government of Somalia and Focal Point for the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement in Somalia. They discuss the Common Results Framework in Somalia - the process of setting it up, costing and prioritisation, as well as where the country is in terms of its SUN membership. 

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