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The first 200 Days: our CEO’s reflections on life at ENN

Blog post  /  30 March 2023

Given it has been six months since I joined Emergency Nutrition Network, now seemed a good time to pen my reflections - not so much as a story of my first 200 days as the new and first ENN CEO, but more as a little insight into the impact the organisation has had on me.

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Guidance released on the impact of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats on infants, young children and breastfeeding women

Blog post  /  30 March 2023


CBRN emergencies are among the most alarming threats facing the world today. In modern warfare, there is increased risk of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons exposure and of nuclear emergencies due to damage to nuclear power plants. Most international agencies have action guidelines for the general population, but an urgent gap exists in guidance specifically for the breastfeeding population.  Before now, there was no centralised place for agencies or individuals to go to access vital information about the treatment of breastfeeding women, infants and young children and the safety of breastfeeding in CBRN crises.

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Why we still need to prioritise nutrition targets and indicators for children and adolescents

Blog post  /  24 March 2023

Young Lives longitudinal data has allowed researchers around the world to examine how exposure to poor health and nutrition in early childhood impacts outcomes in later life. Getting the right start in life is critical as communities increasingly grapple with global crises; for example, childhood exposure to climate shocks has an unequal impact on children’s nutrition, with those from the poorest backgrounds hit hardest.  Yet, in 2023, the lack of standardised nutrition surveillance systems for children over five and adolescents continue to limit our understanding of their nutrition challenges and how to address them. It also explains why very few nutrition targets exist and perpetuates the deprioritisation of routine data collection for these age groups.

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Webinar Recording: Research Priorities for Nutrition in Adolescence and Middle Childhood

Video  /  26 January 2023

In January 2023, we held a webinar on ‘Research Priorities for Nutrition in Adolescence and Middle Childhood’. We presented the findings from a recent research prioritisation survey (using the ‘CHNRI’ method) and discussed a Research Roadmap on how to tackle the most pressing evidence gaps for this vulnerable age group (5-19 years). ENN's Natasha Lelijveld and Stephanie Wrottesley were joined by experts in this field including David Ross (Stellenbosch University, ex-WHO), Deepika Sharma (UNICEF) and Caroline Kabiru (APHRC).

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2023: What's ahead for ENN

Blog post  /  25 January 2023

A critical year – Nigel Tricks  

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