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Why we still need to prioritise nutrition targets and indicators for children and adolescents

Blog post  /  24 March 2023

Young Lives longitudinal data has allowed researchers around the world to examine how exposure to poor health and nutrition in early childhood impacts outcomes in later life. Getting the right start in life is critical as communities increasingly grapple with global crises; for example, childhood exposure to climate shocks has an unequal impact on children’s nutrition, with those from the poorest backgrounds hit hardest.  Yet, in 2023, the lack of standardised nutrition surveillance systems for children over five and adolescents continue to limit our understanding of their nutrition challenges and how to address them. It also explains why very few nutrition targets exist and perpetuates the deprioritisation of routine data collection for these age groups.

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2023: What's ahead for ENN

Blog post  /  25 January 2023

A critical year – Nigel Tricks  

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Some thoughts on the passing of Prof George Patton

Blog post  /  12 December 2022

Myself and colleagues at ENN are deeply saddened at the passing of Professor George Patton.

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FEX Special Series on Complementary Feeding: a Conversation with UNICEF Regional Nutrition Adviser Aashima Garg

Podcast  /  8 December 2022

In this episode of the Emergency Nutrition Network Podcast, Eilise Brennan of ENN talks with nutritionist Aashima Garg of UNICEF MENA (Middle East and North Africa) about the latest edition of Field Exchange and its special series on complementary feeding in emergencies. They look at the global context and the challenges facing families across the world and why complementary feeding is such an essential part of a child's development. They also discuss UNICEF's action framework and several innovative approaches taking place right now in a variety of challenging humanitarian settings. You can find the articles themselves here

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The MAMI Global Network - who we are

Video  /  14 November 2022

MAMI is the management of small & nutritionally at-risk Infants under six months & their mothers.

The MAMI Global Network is a group of programmers, researchers and policymakers working to build an effective and energetic network to enhance mutual capacity, bridge disciplines, address evidence gaps and champion MAMI care. Do watch and share our new video explaining the work of the network and come join a dedicated group of international collaborators working together for small and nutritionally at-risk infants under six months and their mothers. We have three different voiceovers below for you to choose from.

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