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Author: Marie McGrath and Jeremy Shoham

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FEX60/GAP on Child Wasting Webinar

Video  /  6 July 2020

In this webinar, the Field Exchange Editors appraised the Global Action Plan (GAP) on Child Wasting: A framework for action to accelerate progress in preventing and managing child wasting and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals which was published in March 2020 by five UN agencies (UNICEF, WFP, WHO, UNHCR, FAO). The appraisal was based on reflections within the 60th edition of Field Exchange which focused on the continuity of care (CoC) for treatment of children with wasting and highlighted priority areas of action. The aim of this exercise was to invite constructive, collective and practical engagement to support the GAP development and roll out. The Field Exchange editors were honoured to be joined by key UN representatives in the webinar to contribute to the conversation and share their plans in the development and finalization of the GAP on Child Wasting.

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