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Author: Natalie Sessions

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FEX 66 - Adolescent Nutrition Special: a discussion with Webster Makombe and Tasha Mhakayakora

Podcast  /  16 February 2022

In this podcast, accompanying Field Exchange issue 66, Natalie Sessions (ENN Senior Nutritionist) speaks to two members of the Field Exchange 66 advisory group, Webster Makombe and Tasha Mhakayakora on their thoughts on the current state of nutrition interventions for school-aged children and adolescents and what they think should be priorities for future packages of support. They share some of their main take-aways and key reflections from this edition of Field Exchange.

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The GNC Technical Alliance’s support to local organisations: A discussion on how the Alliance supported The African Relief Development Initiative (ARDI) in Somalia

Podcast  /  16 February 2022

In this podcast, we have a conversation with members of the GNC Technical Alliance Technical Support Team, Ben Allen and Martha Nakakande and Abdi Moge Mohamed, CEO of ARDI on how the Alliance supported ARDI in its technical needs. We also discuss future plans for the Alliance in order to best support local NGO’s.

This podcast accompanies a brief on ‘How can local NGOs receive technical support?’ which is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Somali.   

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FEX66 – what’s inside?

Video  /  18 November 2021

ENN and UNICEF are very excited to share ENN’s 66th edition of Field Exchange, a special issue on the nutrition of adolescents and school-aged children has launched. This edition features a range of articles that describe programming experiences for these vulnerable groups, research articles and much more.

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Reflections on multi-sector nutrition programming from FEX65

Blog post  /  24 June 2021

As you may have seen, ENN recently launched its latest issue of Field Exchange Issue 65. As one of the sub-editors, I have enjoyed the privilege of editing some of the articles, a number of which have explored the topic of multi-sector nutrition programming. These articles have provided a lot of ‘food for thought’, particularly in relation to how these projects take time and that change often occurs in a broader and often more complex environment which makes programming for nutrition improvement more challenging.

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FEX65 – what’s inside?

Video  /  7 June 2021

ENN’s 65th issue of Field Exchange was published in May 2021. This is a general issue of around 100 pages with a wide range of content drawn from multiple organisations and countries and features a special section on nutrition programme adaptations in light of COVID-19. This 5 minute video aims to provide an overview of this content.

Download a printable pdf version or see the list of individual articles of the edition.

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Some reflections on NEX South Asia

Blog post  /  30 September 2020

Reflections on the latest Nutrition Exchange South Asia edition on improving young children’s diets.

Recently I was asked to provide a summary of the two South East Asia Nutrition Exchange Special Editions for the upcoming Field Exchange, which also has a special focus on the region. It provided an opportunity for me to once again dive into the rich content of the editions, particularly the latest publication which focused on young children’s diets and the importance of complementary feeding.  

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