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Author: Natalie Sessions, Simon Pierre, Diane Baik

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GNC Technical Alliance conversations with World Vision International on adaptations to growth monitoring programmes in light of COVID 19

Podcast  /  11 January 2021

As the COVID response shifts and people are wanting to understand more how programmes are being adapted, ENN, as part of its work within the GNC Technical Alliance mechanism, has been reflecting on how best to share such information and capture stories from country level responses. Reflecting on the fact that everyone’s time is stretched at the moment, we realise that opportunities to document such adaptations (and for targeted audience members to have time to read and reflect on such documentation) are very limited. As a result, we are putting together a series of ‘connecting conversations’ in which programmers can reflect broadly what approaches they are currently taking- what is working well and what have the challenges been along the way (very much taking into account that we are all taking a ‘learning by doing’ approach to current programme shifts) so that others can hear and learn from such experiences.

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