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Author: Tui Swinnen

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Welcome to the Media Hub

Blog post  /  26 January 2017

Firstly, a very warm welcome to ENN’s blog! We are very excited to launch this today as part of our new Media Hub.

For those of you who know ENNs work well, this new platform and digital work may seem like an exciting (even radical!) departure from what we currently do. In this post I will make the case that despite the appearance of being new-fangled, it is consistent with ENN's existing approach and way of working. The Media Hub was set up to support sharing and learning in the nutrition sector giving priority to the experiences and voices of those at the “sharp end” of programming and policy making. It is ENN embracing a new set of tools to achieve some rather old (but still very relevant) goals. So let’s look at how we got here.   

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