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Country: Bangladesh

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Multi-Sector Nutrition Programming at the sub national level: A Webinar

Video  /  8 April 2020

This is a recording of a webinar ENN’s SUN KM Team hosted in March unpacking the key findings from the 8 country case studies examining multisectoral programming at the sub- national level.

To read the case studies, click here.

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Multisectoral programming at the subnational level – Insights from 6 SUN countries

Video  /  7 August 2019

Malnutrition is recognised the world over as a problem requiring multisectoral intervention and to this end many countries have developed Multisectoral Policies and Plans to combat both malnutrition and stunting in particular. Many of these countries are part of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement. However, evidence of implementation of Multisectoral programmes sub-nationally is limited.

ENN, as the Knowledge Management Partner in the Technical Assistance to Nutrition (TAN) project - which is funded by DfID - conducted a series of case studies examining Multisectoral programme implementation at the Sub National level in 6 countries; Nepal, Kenya, Senegal, Bangladesh, Niger and Ethiopia between 2016 and 2018.

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Multi-Sectoral Programming Webinar

Podcast  /  1 August 2019

MSP Webinar

This is a recording of a webinar ENN’s SUN KM Team hosted in June unpacking the key findings from the case studies conducted in Ethiopia, Niger and Bangladesh examining multisectoral programming at the sub- national level.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Bangladesh

Video  /  6 December 2017

In this video, we hear from Belal Uddin a member of the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Bangladesh.

Belal discusses the importance of civil society working in partnerships with other stakeholder groups such as the media and parliamentarians. In particular, he talks about the CSAs work to support capacity building for journalists in reporting on nutrition issues. He also reflects on the challenges the CSA has faced due to changes in internal governmental structures.

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Civil Society Alliances and Nutrition – Opportunities & Challenges

Blog post  /  4 August 2017

The SUN Civil Society Network (SUNCSN) has as we speak 2500 member organisations organised as National Civil Society Alliances (CSA) spread across 39 countries globally. 
In mid-July, I attended the SUN Civil Society Regional Learning Exchange – Asia co-organised by Global SUN CSN Secretariat and the Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition, Nepal (CSANN) in Kathmandu. 

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