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Country: Niger

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L'approche CMAM Surge au Niger

Podcast  /  18 October 2021

Ce podcast, en français, s’intéresse à l’approche CMAM Surge. Il accompagne la section spéciale de Field Exchange Numéro 64 qui explore l'approche CMAM de Concern Worldwide dans un certain nombre de contextes nationaux. Dans cet épisode, nous discutons avec M. Roufai Mohamed (Technicien Spécialise CMAM Surge pour Concern Worldwide à Tahoua), Dr Sabo Sahabi (Pédiatre, Centre Hospitalier Régional de Tahoua) et M. Ado Moustapha (Point Focal Nutrition, DRSP Tahoua) au sujet de l’approche CMAM surge qui est mise en œuvre au Niger depuis 2014.

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Multi-Sector Nutrition Programming at the sub national level: A Webinar

Video  /  8 April 2020

This is a recording of a webinar ENN’s SUN KM Team hosted in March unpacking the key findings from the 8 country case studies examining multisectoral programming at the sub- national level.

To read the case studies, click here.

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Multisectoral programming at the subnational level – Insights from 6 SUN countries

Video  /  7 August 2019

Malnutrition is recognised the world over as a problem requiring multisectoral intervention and to this end many countries have developed Multisectoral Policies and Plans to combat both malnutrition and stunting in particular. Many of these countries are part of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement. However, evidence of implementation of Multisectoral programmes sub-nationally is limited.

ENN, as the Knowledge Management Partner in the Technical Assistance to Nutrition (TAN) project - which is funded by DfID - conducted a series of case studies examining Multisectoral programme implementation at the Sub National level in 6 countries; Nepal, Kenya, Senegal, Bangladesh, Niger and Ethiopia between 2016 and 2018.

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Multi-Sectoral Programming Webinar

Podcast  /  1 August 2019

MSP Webinar

This is a recording of a webinar ENN’s SUN KM Team hosted in June unpacking the key findings from the case studies conducted in Ethiopia, Niger and Bangladesh examining multisectoral programming at the sub- national level.

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Adoption officielle de la politique nationale de nutrition du Niger, ce qu’il faut retenir

Blog post  /  30 November 2018

Le 15 novembre dernier, le gouvernement nigérien a fait un grand pas en avant dans la lutte contre la malnutrition en adoptant sa toute première politique nationale de nutrition dite « politique nationale multisectorielle de sécurité nutritionnelle ». Cette politique a pour objectif d’éliminer toutes les formes de malnutrition pour atteindre la vision où chaque nigérien jouit d’un statut nutritionnel adéquat pour assurer le développement, la résilience et la prospérité du Niger. Cette vision pose la nutrition comme un outil de développement et de résilience et pas seulement comme une stratégie d’urgence. Elle définit les rôles et les responsabilités de toutes les parties prenantes (tels que les donateurs, les partenaires techniques, les organisations non gouvernementales, la société civile et le secteur privé, etc.) dans l'amélioration de la sécurité nutritionnelle du pays, soulignant ainsi l'importance de la participation de tous les acteurs dans la réduction de la malnutrition.

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Niger’s first multisectoral nutrition plan

Blog post  /  29 November 2018

On the 15 November this year, the Niger government took a big step forward in tackling malnutrition by adopting its first ever nutrition policy known as the “national multisectoral nutrition security policy”. The policy aims to achieve the vision of the citizens having adequate nutritional security, in order to ensure the development, resilience and prosperity of the country as a whole. Notably, the policy aims to make nutrition programmes part of development and resilience work in the country, rather than simply being seen as emergency focused interventions. Furthermore, the policy sets out roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders (such as donors, technical assistance providers, non- governmental institutions, civil society and the private sector) in relation to improving nutrition security in the country, thus emphasizing the importance of everyone playing a role in reducing malnutrition.  

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Experiences from Niger - developing and planning for nutrition

Video  /  14 March 2017

Dr Nassirou Ousmane is the Director of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health and the SUN Focal Point for Niger. In this video, Dr Ousmane discusses the progress made towards elaborating and costing the Nigerien national plan for nutrition.

This video features as the first instalment in a three-part podcast and video series exploring the different stages of the Common Results Framework. Dr. Ousmane discusses the planning and development stage of a CRF.

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Episode 1 - Planning and Development of a CRF

Podcast  /  10 March 2017

In this podcast, Tui Swinnen, ENN's Global KM Coordinator hosts Tamsin Walters for a discussion about the planning and development stages of a Common Results Framework (CRF) looking at the evolution of the concept, how countries have worked through this early stage, and what guidance is now available. We also talk to SUN Focal Point for Niger about progress made towards elaborating and costing their national plan for nutrition following up from a discussion with in 2015.

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