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Country: Niger

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Experiences from Niger - developing and planning for nutrition

Video  /  14 March 2017

Dr Nassirou Ousmane is the Director of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health and the SUN Focal Point for Niger. In this video, Dr Ousmane discusses the progress made towards elaborating and costing the Nigerien national plan for nutrition.

This video features as the first instalment in a three-part podcast and video series exploring the different stages of the Common Results Framework. Dr. Ousmane discusses the planning and development stage of a CRF.

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Episode 1 - Planning and Development of a CRF

Podcast  /  10 March 2017

In this podcast, Tui Swinnen, ENN's Global KM Coordinator hosts Tamsin Walters for a discussion about the planning and development stages of a Common Results Framework (CRF) looking at the evolution of the concept, how countries have worked through this early stage, and what guidance is now available. We also talk to SUN Focal Point for Niger about progress made towards elaborating and costing their national plan for nutrition following up from a discussion with in 2015.

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