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Country: Philippines

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Moving Food and Reducing Waste

Video  /  8 March 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to global food and agriculture sectors. Many governments have closed formal and informal retail outlets for food, and severely restricted the movement of citizens, with the production, processing, transportation, trade, and retail of food being profoundly affected. This has led to multiple shocks throughout the food system.

In the Philippines, AGREA, a group that aims to support the empowerment of local farmers by implementing sustainable agricultural practices and creating inclusive agribusiness livelihood programmes, began getting calls from farmers unable to move their produce. The group quickly set up the Move Food Initiative, an online, Google Form-based, fresh produce ordering platform, which facilitated food to move, at both producers’ and consumers’ end. The initiative has helped reduce food waste and post-harvest loss on the side of the farmers and on the consumers end, provided people who needed food but were not able to leave their homes because of the quarantine, access to fresh produce. By the end of November 2020, 191,447 kg of fruits and vegetables had been delivered, 28,122 farmers had been partnered with, and fruits and vegetables had been served to 78,177 families and 4,690 frontline workers.

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Multi-sector nutrition programming in The Philippines

Video  /  11 May 2020

This video examines the implementation of the The Philippine Plan of Action (PPAN) 2017- 2022 which is a blueprint for an integrated programme of nutrition interventions under the leadership of the National Nutrition Council (NNC). It consists of 12 programs and 46 projects serving as a framework for actions that could be undertaken by member agencies.

Download the full case study in PDF here.

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Multi-Sector Nutrition Programming at the sub national level: A Webinar

Video  /  8 April 2020

This is a recording of a webinar ENN’s SUN KM Team hosted in March unpacking the key findings from the 8 country case studies examining multisectoral programming at the sub- national level.

To read the case studies, click here.

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Interview with Ms. Maria Lourdes A. Vega (Didi) NNC Philippines - Implementing PPAN and the challenges ahead

Video  /  15 January 2020

Philippines is a middle income country with a per capita income of 2970 USD. Undernutrition is a serious problem with 30.3 % of children U5 being stunted with very slow progress being made within the last 15 years. Wasting has stagnated with a wasting prevalence in children U5 hovering between 6 and 8% in the past 15 years. The country which is rapidly urbanising like the rest of South and South East Asia is also facing rising rates of overweight and obesity in school children and adults. This less than encouraging situation is despite a long history of Nutrition Plans and Policies by successive governments in the country from as early as the 1970s.

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NEX 9 : Catalysing nutrition scale-up through technical assistance, Part I

Podcast  /  30 January 2018

In this podcast (Part I of two podcasts in this series) we talk to providers of Technical Assistance (TA) under the DFID funded TAN Programme. The TAN Programme provides TA to support to countries in the SUN Movement and to the global SUN Movement Secretariat in Geneva. In this podcast ENN’s Global Knowledge Management Coordinator, Tui Swinnen talks to the global TA coordinators from the two TA providers working under TAN: Loretta MacKinnon, Programme Director of the Nutrition International TAN team and Monica Kothari, Deputy MQSUN+/Monitoring & Evaluation Lead from PATH, the lead agency in the MQSUN+ consortium.

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NEX 9 : Catalysing nutrition scale-up through technical assistance, Part II

Podcast  /  30 January 2018

In this podcast (Part II of this two-part series) we continue the conversation about Technical Assistance (TA) provided to SUN countries under the DFID funded TAN Programme. In the previous podcast we spoke to the global coordinators in the two providers of TA under TAN – Nutrition International and the MQSUN+ consortium (lead by PATH).

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