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Wasting Prevention in Pakistan

Podcast  /  16 August 2021

In this podcast, we interview Khawaja Masuood Ahmed, National Coordinator Nutrition & NFA in the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination in the Government of Pakistan. We explore some of the challenges, successes and future plans to prevent wasting in Pakistan, in the context of broader stunting reduction efforts.  

This podcast aims to be  a resource, for programmers, practitioners and policy makers involved in nutrition, and will support improved understanding of current thinking on wasting prevention. This podcast accompanies a recently published brief entitled: Best Practice in Preventing Child Wasting Within the Wider Context of Undernutrition read here

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FEX 63 South Asia Special Edition: Thoughts on Pakistan’s approach to wasting management from Dr Baseer Khan Achakzai, Nutrition Director for the Ministry of National Health, Service, Regulation and Coordination, Pakistan.

Podcast  /  20 November 2020

As part of the special edition of Field Exchange on wasting in South Asia, we feature an article that examines how wasting prevention and treatment is central to stunting reduction in Pakistan. We're delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Baseer Khan Achakzai, Nutrition Director of the nutrition wing of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination for the Government of Pakistan to discuss the details of the article further.

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NEX South Asia 2: Pakistan

Podcast  /  29 September 2020

In this podcast, accompanying the second special issue of Nutrition Exchange South Asia, Dr Charulatha Banerjee talks to Dr Sahib Jan Badar, Programme Coordinator of the Accelerated Action Plan, Department of Health, Government of Sindh province, Pakistan.

They discuss the article Combining WASH and nutrition activities within a multisectoral package to improve young children’s diets and reduce child stunting in Sindh province, Pakistan.

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Impact of devolution on multi sectoral programming for nutrition in Pakistan

Podcast  /  31 March 2020

ENN’s Charulatha Banerjee talks to Mr Aslam Shaheen SUN Focal Point Pakistan and Dr Shabina Raza Country Director Nutrition International Pakistan to capture the impact of devolution on nutrition programming in the country. Participants talk of the processes that were adopted to set up mechanisms at the subnational level to monitor and implement nutrition programmes, the barriers and the enablers for multi sectoral programmes for nutrition. They speak of how nutrition has become a priority for local leaders and how in recent elections nutrition was an electoral issue. This podcast adds to ENN’s initiative in the SUN KM project to understand and document sub national implementation of Multisectoral programmes.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Pakistan

Video  /  6 December 2017

Dr Naseer Muhammad Nizamani is the Country Director for Nutrition International in Pakistan and is also a member of the Pakistan SUN Civil Society Alliance.

In this interview, Dr Nizamani talks about the formation of the CSA in Pakistan and their strong focus on building the capacity of local and national organisations. Dr Nizamani highlights some of the challenges the alliance has faced and how they have overcome them.

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FEX 55: Multi-sectoral nutrition sensitive response to drought emergency in Sindh

Podcast  /  15 August 2017

In this podcast join Ali Dino Kunbher from Welthungerhilfe is in conversation with ENNs Dr Charulatha Banerjee (Asia Regional KM Specialist) discussing his article in Field Exchange 55 titled 'Multi-sector, nutrition-sensitive response to drought emergency in Pakistan'. The article and podcast capture experiences of an ECHO funded multisectoral nutrition project implemented in drought affected Sindh Province of Pakistan, the successes of this complex project and the numerous challenges faced in doing nutrition sensitive programming in an emergency setting. 

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NEX 8: Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan

Podcast  /  26 July 2017

In this interview Dr Charulatha Banerjee (Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist) speaks to Cecilia Garzon (Head of Nutrition) and Dr Aliahmad Khan (Nutritionist) in the WFP Pakistan Country Office in Islamabad. They discuss details of the Food & Nutrition Gap (FNG) Analysis and Cost of Diet Tool which were recently used to assess the nutitional situation in Pakistan.

Additionally, James Kingori, Regional Nutrition Officer in the WFP Regional Bureau (Bangkok) speaks in detail about the methodology and presents key lessons from Laos and Indonesia which also have done the FNG analysis. These conversations supplement an article which features in NEX 8 titled 'Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan: Insights to address malnutrition'.

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Food Assistance and Nutrition- a recent presentation of our research findings in Pakistan

Blog post  /  2 March 2017

Hello, I am Bridget Fenn, ENN’s long standing lead research investigator. I recently I gave a virtual presentation about the REFANI to participants at a research conference in Islamabad organised by Action Against Hunger. Despite the early start (5.30 a.m.), presenting remotely and missing the all-important human interaction afforded by face-to-face meetings, the presentation was very well received and there were plenty of questions and comments from the attendees…more about these below. 

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