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Region: South Asia

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FEX 58: Integrated SAM Treatment in India

Podcast  /  15 October 2018

ENN’s Regional Knowledge Management Specialist for Asia, Dr. Charulatha Banerjee, speaks to Grana Pu Selvi, World Vision India and author of the article in Field Exchange Issue 58 titled Treatment of severe acute malnutrition through the Integrated Child Development Scheme in Jharkand State, India.

Grana shares the difficulties faced in setting up the project and what has been learnt from the experience for implementation ahead. We also briefly speak with Mahesh Nathan from the WASH team of World Vision. Mahesh outlined the organisation’s approaches to including WASH interventions in projects to improve nutrition outcomes.

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The private sector in nutrition - a player by default or choice? Reflections from a multi-stakeholder meeting

Blog post  /  16 July 2018

I participated in a Round Table organised by South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative SAFANSI In Colombo in June which was titled “Putting the Lens on the Consumer in Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems in South Asia”.

Before I share highlights from the 2-day event, here is some background on SAFANSI -

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Lessons from Nepal - multi-sector programming in nutrition

Video  /  25 May 2018

ENN's Regional Knowledge Management Specialist for Asia, Dr Charulatha Banerjee, visited two districts in Nepal: Jumla and Kapilvastu, to see and hear how the country’s flagship Multi Sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP) is being implemented at the sub-national level.

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Prioritising Maternal Nutrition in South Asia - Reflections from a regional conference

Blog post  /  24 May 2018

Earlier this month, I attended a meeting organised jointly by the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) together with Nutrition International to discuss and identify actions to accelerate the nutritional care of women during pregnancy and postpartum in South Asia. The meeting was attended by representatives from all 8 SAARC countries with all countries sending high level officials from Governments perhaps indicative of the importance of the issue in the region. 

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Bangladesh

Video  /  6 December 2017

In this video, we hear from Belal Uddin a member of the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Bangladesh.

Belal discusses the importance of civil society working in partnerships with other stakeholder groups such as the media and parliamentarians. In particular, he talks about the CSAs work to support capacity building for journalists in reporting on nutrition issues. He also reflects on the challenges the CSA has faced due to changes in internal governmental structures.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Nepal

Video  /  6 December 2017

In this video, Dr. Uma Koirala describes the role of the SUN Civil Society Alliance in Nepal. She emphasises the need for civil society to advocate for nutrition at all levels; from the national, policy making level through to the district levels.

Uma talks about the importance of regional coordination and how it is enabling CSAs in Asia to share learning, experiences, challenges and best practices amongst regional counterparts. She also highlights the contribution that the CSA in Nepal is making to this group, drawing on their success in building the alliance in Nepal.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Pakistan

Video  /  6 December 2017

Dr Naseer Muhammad Nizamani is the Country Director for Nutrition International in Pakistan and is also a member of the Pakistan SUN Civil Society Alliance.

In this interview, Dr Nizamani talks about the formation of the CSA in Pakistan and their strong focus on building the capacity of local and national organisations. Dr Nizamani highlights some of the challenges the alliance has faced and how they have overcome them.

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FEX 55: Multi-sectoral nutrition sensitive response to drought emergency in Sindh

Podcast  /  15 August 2017

In this podcast join Ali Dino Kunbher from Welthungerhilfe is in conversation with ENNs Dr Charulatha Banerjee (Asia Regional KM Specialist) discussing his article in Field Exchange 55 titled 'Multi-sector, nutrition-sensitive response to drought emergency in Pakistan'. The article and podcast capture experiences of an ECHO funded multisectoral nutrition project implemented in drought affected Sindh Province of Pakistan, the successes of this complex project and the numerous challenges faced in doing nutrition sensitive programming in an emergency setting. 

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Civil Society Alliances and Nutrition – Opportunities & Challenges

Blog post  /  4 August 2017

The SUN Civil Society Network (SUNCSN) has as we speak 2500 member organisations organised as National Civil Society Alliances (CSA) spread across 39 countries globally. 
In mid-July, I attended the SUN Civil Society Regional Learning Exchange – Asia co-organised by Global SUN CSN Secretariat and the Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition, Nepal (CSANN) in Kathmandu. 

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NEX 8: Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan

Podcast  /  26 July 2017

In this interview Dr Charulatha Banerjee (Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist) speaks to Cecilia Garzon (Head of Nutrition) and Dr Aliahmad Khan (Nutritionist) in the WFP Pakistan Country Office in Islamabad. They discuss details of the Food & Nutrition Gap (FNG) Analysis and Cost of Diet Tool which were recently used to assess the nutitional situation in Pakistan.

Additionally, James Kingori, Regional Nutrition Officer in the WFP Regional Bureau (Bangkok) speaks in detail about the methodology and presents key lessons from Laos and Indonesia which also have done the FNG analysis. These conversations supplement an article which features in NEX 8 titled 'Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan: Insights to address malnutrition'.

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Part III: Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Video  /  12 June 2017

Dr Charulatha Banerjee, ENN’s Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist caught up with Sonali Patnaik, Director of Arupa Mission Research Foundation, to learn more about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) law in India including how this has the potential to impact on nutrition programming and spending in the country. 

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Retard de croissance & Emaciation en Asie du Sud - Réflexions depuis une conférence régionale

Blog post  /  7 June 2017

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Au fil des années, la portée du travail d'ENN s'est étendue au-delà de l'accent mis initialement sur les contextes humanitaires pour englober un ensemble plus large de problèmes liés à l’émaciation et au retard de croissance dans des contextes d'urgence et/ou des contextes où la prévalence est élevée. Nous sommes de plus en plus intéressés par l'évolution de la politique et de l'environnement de programmation autour du traitement et de la prévention de la malnutrition. ENN est actuellement engagé dans l'exploration de la relation entre l’émaciation et le retard de croissance (voir le récent billet de Carmel Dolan sur le blog ici), le retard de croissance dans les situations d'urgence, et la façon dont les initiatives ciblées sur le retard de croissance et l’émaciation interagissent dans la pratique.

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Stunting & Wasting in South Asia- Reflections from a Regional conference

Blog post  /  7 June 2017

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Over the years the scope of ENN’s work has expanded beyond a focus on humanitarian contexts to encompass a broader set of issues around drivers of wasting and stunting in both high burden and emergency contexts. We are also increasingly interested in the evolving policy and programming environment around malnutrition treatment and prevention. ENN is currently engaged in exploring the relationship between wasting and stunting (see the recent blog piece by Carmel Dolan here), stunting in emergencies, and on how stunting or wasting focused initiatives interact in practice.

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Part II: Food fortification in India

Video  /  24 May 2017

Dr Charulatha Banerjee, ENN’s Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist caught up with Pawan Agarwal, CEO of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Mr Agarwal spoke to us about the progress in food fortification including the newly approved comprehensive food safety standards in India. He discusses the role of the Food Fortification Resource Centre and some of the challenges and opportunities of working in this area.

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Part I: Indian experiences of private sector engagement in nutrition

Video  /  15 May 2017

Dr Charulatha Banerjee, ENN’s Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist caught up with Dr Rajan Sankar, Director of Nutrition at Tata Trusts to understand more about philanthropic business networks in India, and how nutrition fits in with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda. 

Dr Sankar discusses Tata Trusts philanthropic work and shared some opinions on how nutrition NGOs and private sector can work together. He also shared some of the opportunities and challenges that have arisen from the new CSR law introduced in India requiring all corporates to contribute 2% of profits to CSR.

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FEX54: A journey to multi-sector nutrition programming in Nepal with Stanley Chitekwe

Podcast  /  17 March 2017

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Dr Charulatha Banerjee, ENN’s Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist caught up with Mr Stanley Chitekwe Chief of Nutrition UNICEF Nepal and discussed the details of Multi-Sector Nutrition Programming (MSNP) in Nepal. This conversation supplements an article which features in FEX 54 titled 'A journey to multi-sector nutrition programing in Nepal: evolution, processes and way forward.'

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Experiences from Nepal - nutrition plan implementation

Video  /  14 March 2017

Savita Malla is an Advocacy and Communication Specialist based within the National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (NNFSS) in Kathmandu, Nepal. In this video Savita discusses the national nutrition plan implementation and roll out in Nepal.

This video features as the second instalment in a three-part podcast and video series exploring the different stages of the Common Results Framework

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Episode 2 - Implementation of a CRF

Podcast  /  10 March 2017

In this podcast, join Tui Swinnen and Tamsin Walters again as they discuss the implementation of national nutrition plans or Common Results Framework (CRF), moving on from the development and planning stages dicussed in the previous episode.

We also speak with Savita Malla, Advocacy and Communication Specialist based in the National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (NNFSS) in Kathmandu about national nutrition plan implementation and roll out in Nepal following up from our conversation with her in 2015.

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Interview with Mridula Sinha, Director of Jharkhand Nutrition Mission

Video  /  30 January 2017

Dr Charulatha Banerjee, ENN’s Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist caught up with Ms Mridula Sinha Director General of the Jharkhand State Nutrition Mission earlier this month to understand the evolution of the Nutrition Mission in the state, work done so far and plans for the future.

Ms Sinha has been working in child health and nutrition in Jharkhand for many years. In this interview she talks about the formation of the State Nutrition Mission, the complexities of nutrition governance in India and the architecture of the Mission as an independent body with the power to convene related departments. She presents the challenges faced by Jharkhand State, which is less than 2 decades old, and also the huge potential given the strong political will to render the State malnutrition free by 2030. She mentions the role of the private sector in nutrition in the State as well as the work of UNICEF and other partners to support the State Nutrition Mission’s work. 

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