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Topic: Adolescent nutrition

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Why we still need to prioritise nutrition targets and indicators for children and adolescents

Blog post  /  24 March 2023

Young Lives longitudinal data has allowed researchers around the world to examine how exposure to poor health and nutrition in early childhood impacts outcomes in later life. Getting the right start in life is critical as communities increasingly grapple with global crises; for example, childhood exposure to climate shocks has an unequal impact on children’s nutrition, with those from the poorest backgrounds hit hardest.  Yet, in 2023, the lack of standardised nutrition surveillance systems for children over five and adolescents continue to limit our understanding of their nutrition challenges and how to address them. It also explains why very few nutrition targets exist and perpetuates the deprioritisation of routine data collection for these age groups.

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Webinar Recording: Research Priorities for Nutrition in Adolescence and Middle Childhood

Video  /  26 January 2023

In January 2023, we held a webinar on ‘Research Priorities for Nutrition in Adolescence and Middle Childhood’. We presented the findings from a recent research prioritisation survey (using the ‘CHNRI’ method) and discussed a Research Roadmap on how to tackle the most pressing evidence gaps for this vulnerable age group (5-19 years). ENN's Natasha Lelijveld and Stephanie Wrottesley were joined by experts in this field including David Ross (Stellenbosch University, ex-WHO), Deepika Sharma (UNICEF) and Caroline Kabiru (APHRC).

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Some thoughts on the passing of Prof George Patton

Blog post  /  12 December 2022

Myself and colleagues at ENN are deeply saddened at the passing of Professor George Patton.

George really had a very special mind and a generous nature which combined to make him a fireball in the field of adolescent nutrition. I recently worked very closely with him on an opinion piece about measuring nutritional status in adolescents and colleagues at ENN worked with him on the recent Lancet Adolescent Nutrition Series. 

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Women's Nutrition: Technical Briefing Paper - an overview

Video  /  13 June 2022

After the publication of ENN's technical briefing paper in January 2022 titled: 'Women's nutrition: a summary of evidence, policy and practise including adolescents and maternal life stages', Natasha Lelijveld (one of the authors) gives a quick overview of the content of the document, and hopefully persuades you to go take a closer look yourself.

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FEX 66 - Adolescent Nutrition Special: a discussion with Webster Makombe and Tasha Mhakayakora

Podcast  /  16 February 2022

In this podcast, accompanying Field Exchange issue 66, Natalie Sessions (ENN Senior Nutritionist) speaks to two members of the Field Exchange 66 advisory group, Webster Makombe and Tasha Mhakayakora on their thoughts on the current state of nutrition interventions for school-aged children and adolescents and what they think should be priorities for future packages of support. They share some of their main take-aways and key reflections from this edition of Field Exchange.

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Webinar on Women's Nutrition: a summary of evidence, policy and practice - 27th Jan 2022

Video  /  2 February 2022

Held on: 27th January 2022

Malnutrition, including undernutrition, overweight and obesity, and micronutrient deficiencies, disproportionately affects women and girls, with more than one billion women experiencing at least one form of malnutrition globally. In 2013, ENN published a technical background paper summarising evidence on maternal nutrition and identifying knowledge gaps in addressing maternal undernutrition in emergencies.

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FEX66 – what’s inside?

Video  /  18 November 2021

ENN and UNICEF are very excited to share ENN’s 66th edition of Field Exchange, a special issue on the nutrition of adolescents and school-aged children has launched. This edition features a range of articles that describe programming experiences for these vulnerable groups, research articles and much more.

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Adolescent Nutrition: Current Progress and Looking Ahead

Video  /  16 February 2021

Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), UNICEF and Save the Children hosted a two-days virtual meeting on 9th and 10th February 2021 on 'Adolescent Nutrition: Current Progress and Looking Ahead'. Supported by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs.

Listen to presenters and panellists discuss and answer questions on adolescent nutrition.

Day 1 - Agenda

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Reflections from 6th Annual Scientific Symposium on Agriculture- Nutrition Pathways

Blog post  /  13 December 2018

My winter began in Kathmandu last week where I attended the 6th Annual Scientific Symposium on Agriculture- Nutrition Pathways organised by Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition. I have attended the Annual event 3 years in a row and this year was extra special as the event also was celebrating 25 years of Nepal’s Progress in Nutrition. What makes this event unique is that it attracts students and young researchers in equal numbers as persons from academia, policy makers and programme implementors in the field of agriculture- nutrition research relevant to Nepal.

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NEX 8: Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan

Podcast  /  26 July 2017

In this interview Dr Charulatha Banerjee (Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist) speaks to Cecilia Garzon (Head of Nutrition) and Dr Aliahmad Khan (Nutritionist) in the WFP Pakistan Country Office in Islamabad. They discuss details of the Food & Nutrition Gap (FNG) Analysis and Cost of Diet Tool which were recently used to assess the nutitional situation in Pakistan.

Additionally, James Kingori, Regional Nutrition Officer in the WFP Regional Bureau (Bangkok) speaks in detail about the methodology and presents key lessons from Laos and Indonesia which also have done the FNG analysis. These conversations supplement an article which features in NEX 8 titled 'Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan: Insights to address malnutrition'.

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Food Assistance and Nutrition- a recent presentation of our research findings in Pakistan

Blog post  /  2 March 2017

Hello, I am Bridget Fenn, ENN’s long standing lead research investigator. I recently I gave a virtual presentation about the REFANI to participants at a research conference in Islamabad organised by Action Against Hunger. Despite the early start (5.30 a.m.), presenting remotely and missing the all-important human interaction afforded by face-to-face meetings, the presentation was very well received and there were plenty of questions and comments from the attendees…more about these below. 

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