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The first 200 Days: our CEO’s reflections on life at ENN

Blog post  /  30 March 2023

Given it has been six months since I joined Emergency Nutrition Network, now seemed a good time to pen my reflections - not so much as a story of my first 200 days as the new and first ENN CEO, but more as a little insight into the impact the organisation has had on me.

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Mr Alok Kumar, Health & Nutrition Advisor - National Institution for Transforming India

Video  /  1 October 2018

Two out of every five children in India under the age of 5 are stunted and half of the women are reported to be anaemic. Furthermore, the World Bank data indicates that India has one of the world’s highest demographics of children suffering from malnutrition, reportedly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa. These figures highlight the worrying nutrition situation in the  country and the urgent need for action.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Bangladesh

Video  /  6 December 2017

In this video, we hear from Belal Uddin a member of the SUN Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in Bangladesh.

Belal discusses the importance of civil society working in partnerships with other stakeholder groups such as the media and parliamentarians. In particular, he talks about the CSAs work to support capacity building for journalists in reporting on nutrition issues. He also reflects on the challenges the CSA has faced due to changes in internal governmental structures.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Myanmar

Video  /  6 December 2017

May Thukha Soe is a Nutrition Specialist for Plan International and a member of the SUN CSA Myanmar.

In this video she talks about the role of the CSA in bringing together not only international NGOs but also an increasing number of local NGOs. The aim of the CSA is to provide a collective voice to all for all these organisations. She reflects on how the CSA is building sub-national CSAs in order to engage and support local CSOs.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Cambodia

Video  /  6 December 2017

Hou Kroeun is the Deputy Country Director at Helen Keller International in Cambodia. He is also the coordinator of the SUN Civil Society Alliance in Cambodia.

In this interview, he highlights the crucial role that civil society plays in the SUN Movement. He also discusses how the CSA in Cambodia was formed, and reflects on some of the challenges faced and how these have been overcome. Kroeun discusses the impact that the CSA has had by providing advisory services, technical assistance and guidance to the government on their Mid-Term review of food security and nutrition.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Pakistan

Video  /  6 December 2017

Dr Naseer Muhammad Nizamani is the Country Director for Nutrition International in Pakistan and is also a member of the Pakistan SUN Civil Society Alliance.

In this interview, Dr Nizamani talks about the formation of the CSA in Pakistan and their strong focus on building the capacity of local and national organisations. Dr Nizamani highlights some of the challenges the alliance has faced and how they have overcome them.

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SUN Civil Society Alliance - Nepal

Video  /  6 December 2017

In this video, Dr. Uma Koirala describes the role of the SUN Civil Society Alliance in Nepal. She emphasises the need for civil society to advocate for nutrition at all levels; from the national, policy making level through to the district levels.

Uma talks about the importance of regional coordination and how it is enabling CSAs in Asia to share learning, experiences, challenges and best practices amongst regional counterparts. She also highlights the contribution that the CSA in Nepal is making to this group, drawing on their success in building the alliance in Nepal.

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FEX 55: Part 2 - Scaling up CMAM in protracted emergencies and low resource settings, experiences from Sudan (UNICEF)

Podcast  /  23 August 2017

Lillian Karanja-Odhiambo, ENN’s Knowledge Management specialist for East Africa speaks to Mueni Mutunga the Chief of Nutrition from UNICEF’s Sudan country office about the experience of scaling up CMAM in Sudan. The podcast captures UNICEF’s perspective on the evolution in CMAM programming; successes in garnering government ownership; the role of information systems in informing programming and how scale up was achieved in a low resource setting. The interview provides useful insight into the interplay of humanitarian and development programming in approaching the Management of Acute Malnutrition.

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Part III: Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Video  /  12 June 2017

Dr Charulatha Banerjee, ENN’s Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist caught up with Sonali Patnaik, Director of Arupa Mission Research Foundation, to learn more about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) law in India including how this has the potential to impact on nutrition programming and spending in the country. 

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Interview with Gladys Mugambi, Kenya SUN Focal Point

Video  /  31 May 2017

Join Gladys Mugambi the head of Kenya’s Nutrition and Dietetics Unit in the Ministry of Health (and National SUN Focal Point) as she dicusses the nutrition sector’s past successes, current challenges and future perspectives in the country.

Gladys talks of the evolution of nutrition policy and programming in Kenya including what opportunities the SUN Movement has brought through work with in-country networks and sharing learning with other SUN countries in the region. She decribes the work currently going on in Kenya around financial tracking and the nutrition budget line, school feeding and working with devolved counties on nutrition.

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Increasing Funding for Nutrition: The role of advocacy and communication in Senegal

Podcast  /  26 January 2017

This podcast is a conversation between ENN's regional West Africa Knowledge Management specialist Ambarka Youssoufane and Abdoulaye Ka, National Director of Senegal's Cellule de Lutte Contre la Malnutrition (CLM) (Unit for the Fight Against Malnutition) and Senegal SUN Focal Point. They discuss an article in the current issue of Nutrition Exchange 7 on the role of advocacy in increasing the budget line for nutriiton in Senegal based on an interview with Abdoulaye Ka.

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Nutrition Exchange 7 - Editors speak

Podcast  /  22 January 2017

Join the editors of Nutrition Exchange (NEX) Judith Hodge and Carmel Dolan as they give an overview of the latest edition, Issue 7. This is the first NEX edition that focuses on learning and experiences around nutrition scale up and specifically learning from the SUN Movement. This work is part of ENNs 5-year Knowledge Management project to support SUN.

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