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Topic: Assessment

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Joint Assessment in Burkina Faso (2017): a review

Video  /  29 March 2019

Every year SUN Movement member countries are encouraged to engage in a Joint Assessment (JA) exercise to assess their country’s progress against four processes in pursuit of the strategic objectives specified in the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap (2016-2020).

Having joined the SUN Movement in 2011, Burkina Faso was one of the early risers of the movement and held it's first Joint Assessment in 2015. Our Regional Knowledge Manager for the West Africa region, Ambarka Youssoufane, joined Burkina Faso in June 2017 for their 3rd joint assessment to speak with some of the participants. This three part video includes some of the highlights from those conversations. 

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Lessons from Senegal - Multi-sector programming in nutrition

Video  /  17 August 2018

Join ENN's Ambarka Youssoufane to find out how one multi-sector programme is being implemented at the sub-national level in Senegal.

This video looks at the Matam region with the USAID-funded Yaajeende Project, and accompanies a full report on Multi-sector programmes at the sub-national level.

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NEX 8: Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan

Podcast  /  26 July 2017

In this interview Dr Charulatha Banerjee (Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist) speaks to Cecilia Garzon (Head of Nutrition) and Dr Aliahmad Khan (Nutritionist) in the WFP Pakistan Country Office in Islamabad. They discuss details of the Food & Nutrition Gap (FNG) Analysis and Cost of Diet Tool which were recently used to assess the nutitional situation in Pakistan.

Additionally, James Kingori, Regional Nutrition Officer in the WFP Regional Bureau (Bangkok) speaks in detail about the methodology and presents key lessons from Laos and Indonesia which also have done the FNG analysis. These conversations supplement an article which features in NEX 8 titled 'Filling the Nutrient Gap in Pakistan: Insights to address malnutrition'.

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