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Module 19: Working with communities in emergencies

Author: Lead author: Kate Godden (Independent)
Year: 2011

Version 2 (Current):

Editorial oversight: Carmel Dolan (NutritionWorks)
Reviewers: Douglas Jayasekaran (Concern)
Ellen Muelhoff- (FAO)
Vivienne Forsyth (Independent)

Version 1

Lead author: Carmel Dolan (NutritionWorks)
Contributors: Lola Gostelow (Independent), Jeremy Shoham,
Fiona Watson (NutritionWorks)
Reviewers: Mickey Chopra (UWC)
Saul Guerro (Valid International)


module-19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-fact-sheet.pdf (PDF, 41kb)

module-19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-full-copy.pdf (PDF, 72kb)

module-19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-technical-notes.pdf (PDF, 133kb)

module-19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-trainers'-guide.pdf (PDF, 133kb)

module-19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-training-resources.pdf (PDF, 51kb)

m19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-acknowledgements.doc (Word, 604kb)

m19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-acknowledgements(1).doc (Word, 604kb)

m19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-fact-sheet.doc (Word, 61kb)

m19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-resource-list.doc (Word, 61kb)

m19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-technical-notes.doc (Word, 205kb)

m19-working-with-communities-in-emergencies-trainers-notes.doc (Word, 215kb)

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