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24 October 2014: New interim guideline available on Nutritional Care in Adults and Children infected with Ebola virus disease in treatment centres by WHO, UNICEF and WFP. Join en-net discussions on nutritional support to adults with Ebola and Ebola and infant feeding.  

14 October 2014: The Ebola Communication Network (ECN) is a new online portal of Ebola resources, materials and tools from and for the global health community, developed by HC3 with input from UNICEF, CDC, USAID, IFRC and WHO, funded by USAID.  

Papers and publications

24 October 2014:new study by Young Lives researchers measures height for age of a cohort of children at  ages 1, 5 and 8 years, in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. The study shows catch up growth in some stunted children. See Lawrence Haddad's blog about this study. 

14 October 2014: The 2014 Global Hunger Index is now available from IFPRI and shows a steady decrease in hunger in most developing countries. However, levels of hunger are still alarmingly high in some areas and more multisectoral action is needed. 


13 October 2014: ENN hosted a 3 day 'Technical Meeting on Nutrition' (TMN) in Oxford from 7th to 9th October 2014 to discuss current themes in the nutrition sector and agree ways forward. Find out more. Read Lawrence Haddad's blog about the meeting.