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27 November 2015: We have recently launched a separate SUN Movement en-net dicussion forum with three new forum areas. Click here to visit SUN en-net.

26 November 2015: Watch a short video clip of a 'TED Talk' by Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera, MSc student at LSHTM, entitled "The double burden: are we part of the problem?" that examines the link between programming for actue malnutrition and risk of overnutrition. 

23 November 2015: Academic and Humanitarian Aid Organizations Launch Research Project, REFANI, to Measure Impact of Cash Transfers on Child Undernutrition. Click here to go to the REFANI webpage and here to read the full press release.

19 November 2015: Join the current Gobal Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) discussion on integrating nutrition into the curricula of agriculture education institutions: Strengthening human capacity to promote nutrition-sensitive agriculture. Join here

9 November 2015: The ENN is now accepting draft articles for the next issue of Nutrition Exchange (NEX), due out May 2016. Find details on how to write for NEX here and send the team your initial thoughts on an article or contact us for more information. 

Papers and publications

30 November 2015: A new research paper form UNICEF provides a comprehensive overview of the impacts of cash transfer (CT) programmess on the immediate and underlying determinants of child nutrition. Download here.

30 November 2015: A new FAO report is launched on the intersection of nutrition, social protection, food and agriculture, looking at what types of social protection instruments can impact food, health, care and income. Download here

30 November 2015: Results of a cluster-randomised controlled trial on the effect of a community-led sanitation intervention on child diarrhoea and child growth in rural Mali are written up in a new paper by Pickering et al in the Lancet. Read here

30 November 2015: FAO's State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) Report 2015 has now been released. This report focuses on linkages with social protection. Click here to read full and summary reports. 

30 November 2015: IFPRI's 2015 Global Hunger Index is focused on armed conflict and the challenge of hunger. The report shows a continued decline in the index score globally, to 21.5 this year from 29.9 in 2000. Click here to read more

30 November 2015: A new study by Chirande et al published in BMC Pediatrics on the 'determinants of stunting and severe stunting among under-fives in Tanzania' finds a combination of educatoni, gender, perceived size at birth and safe drinking water correlate with stunting. 

16 November 2015: ODI has released an update on global food prices. This give projections for 2015/2016 food prices and includes a section on the strong El Nino predicted for end 2015/ early 2016 and its effects in terms of regional droughts and floods. 

16 November 2015: ODI has released 'Humanitarian Exchange 65' on the crisis in Iraq where 3.2 million people have been displaced since January 2014. Articles cover topics such monitoring protection needs, livelihoods programmes and cash assistance. 

9 November 2015: A new paper published in Acta Paediatrica by Sankar et al reviews the effect of breastfeeding practices on infant and child mortality. Results show a higher risk of mortality with non optimal breastfeeding practices. 

Tools and training

NutVal has updated its powerpoint presentation to take into account recent database changes. NutVal is a spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring the nutritional content of food assistance. Click here to find out more. 


23 November 2015: SPRING will be hosting a webinar on December 2 to review approaches to integrated nutrition programs and report back from the presentations at the CRS Integrated Nutrition Conference (held in Nairobi in Sept). Register here