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13 April 2015: The ENN is planning a special edition of Field Exchange in December 2015 devoted to nutrition sensitive programming and related policy and research. We are now calling for content to feature, deadline 10th September. Find out more here.

13 April 2015: The Power of Nutrition is now launched as a partnership of investors and implementers commited to ending undernutrition by unlocking $1 billion in new financing for nutrition, targeted to some of the worse affected countries. 

13 April 2015: WHO has released new guidelines on sugars intake for adults and children. Download here

Papers and publications

24 April 2015: A new paper has been published in Plos Med by Angood et al, entitled "Research Priorities to Improve the Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants Aged Less Than Six Months (MAMI)" Click here to view. 

20 April 2015: Home Grown School Feeding releases a new working paper: Sensitive to nutrition? A literature review of school feeding effects in the child development lifecycle – download here

17 April 2015: A new report by Save the Children on Adolescent Nutrition presents what is being done in Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) countries and in India to address adolescent nutrition through policy and practice. 

15 April 2015: A new report is released by Save the Children on Adolescent Nutrition, that presents what is being done in Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) countries and in India to address adolescent nutrition through policy and practice. 

13 April 2015: Stop Stunting Matters describes two new papers on the management of SAM in India: one on the impact of new WHO discharge criteria on programmes in India and the second on findings from the first conventional CMAM programme in India

13 April 2015: The 2014-2015 Global Food Policy Report  was released on March 18th by IFPRI. The report reviews global headway on food policy and looks espeically at social protection, food safety, aquaculture, middle income countries, WASH.  

13 April 2015: UNSCN has released a policy brief and a full technical report outlining recommended nutrition indicators and mapping them to proposed Sustainable Development Goals goals and targets. Download the policy brief and technical report

13 April 2015: The Annals of the New York Academy of Science has released an issue on 'Paths of Convergence for Agriculture, Health, and Wealth' that brings together a collection of research focusing on the idea of 'convergence' around food.  


The Roadmap to End Global Hunger Policy Brief 2015 has been released by WFP USA, to review how the Roadmap Coalition, founded after the 2008 global food price crisis, has been working to acheive its 5-year policy recommendations since 2012. 

13 April 2015: Published as part of the World Bank Discussion Paper series, a new paper 'Our Daily Bread: What is the evidence on comparing cash versus food transfers?' offers Ugo Gentilini's research and views on this topic.  

13 April 2015: A new paper on Community-based management of severe acute malnutrition in India: new evidence from  Bihar is published in PubMed.  

13 April 2015: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Understanding moderate malnutrition in children for effective interventions. FNB Special Supplement is now available. 

13 April 2015: A new paper is published in the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research 'Malnutrition - the persisting global threat due to food insecurity'.

13 April 2015: Charlotte Dufour, currently with FAO HQ in Rome as a nutrition advisor, has published a book on her years in Afghanistan, Land of Eternal Hope, Ten years of lives shared in Afghanistan. See a video about the book and her blog

Tools and training

13 April 2015: WFP releases 'Nine Infographics That Will Help You Teach Hunger' to help teachers in all contexts to help explain food security, hunger and malnutrition. 

13 April 2015: IDS (Brighton, UK) will hold a short course from 13th to 17th July called 'Transforming nutrition: ideas, policy and outcomes', designed for policy makers and pracitioners. Applications are now open.

13 April 2015: The Save the Children Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) toolkit is now available in Arabic, as well as in English and French. The toolkit contains rapid start-up resources for emergency nutrition personnel.


30 April 2015: In 8 days MSF will hold a Scientific Day, which will be livestreamed from London, UK and New Delhi, India. Tune in and join the debate at #MSFsci and visit the poster gallery online to vote for your favourite.