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Papers and publications

26 April 2019: Time for a change! Can we prevent more children from becoming stunted in countries affected by crisis? Read ENN's latest policy brief here.

10 April 2019: Read here about how a project in Zambia is treating children with severe acute malnutrition otherwise left untreated, within SFPs. This article is 'early online' ahead of FEX 60, out in June 2019. 

1 April 2019: Click here to read ENN's latest publication, funded by Irish aid, following a cohort of infants anthropometry from birth to predict mortality in the first year of life.


3 April 2019: Watch the live stream discussion on challenges regarding malnourished young infants at the MSF Paediatric Days here, April 5th, 14:00-15:40 (CEST). Streaming in both English and French!