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16 May 2019: Challenging the separation between wasting and stunting. In this first podcast, the WaSt TIG discuss some of their groundbreaking analyses that is challenging our ways of looking at wasting and stunting in children.

Papers and publications

30 May 2019: Click here to read a FEX 60 article on management of severe acute malnutrition by community health workers: Early results of Action Against Hunger research. FEX 60 is due out in June, subscribe here!

29 May 2019: Read a Field Exchange 60 article on the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition using food products or counselling: A systematic review here.

27 May 2019: Click here to read the early online FEX 60 article about comparison of treatment of severe acute malnutrition with ready-to-use therapeutic food and ready-to-use-supplementary food. FEX 60 is due out in June, subscribe here!

25 May 2019: A FEX 60 article on the OptiMA study in Burkina Faso: Emerging findings and additional insights is out now! Click here to read.

23 May 2019: Read an early online FEX 60 article on 'Substandard discharge rules in current severe acute malnutrition management protocols: An overlooked source of ineffectiveness for programmes?' here.

22 May 2019: Click here to read an early online article from Field Exchange 60 on the analysis of acute malnutrition protocols in food-insecure contexts in Niger, north-east Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan.

9 May 2019: Civil society organisations are invited to provide input to the ‘Making nutrition an integral part of Universal Health Coverage’ Tokyo 2020 thematic working group by completing this survey by 20th May.

1 May 2019: Read early online articles on a field study of body composition among infants in sub-Saharan Africa and a stunting prevention programme in Malawi ahead of FEX issue 60 - a special issue on the acute malnutrition continuum of care.