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31 August 2021: The 14th newsletter of the IAEA Nutritional & Health-Related Environmental Studies Section (NAHRES) is now out. Read about their activites of 2021 so far here.

24 August 2021: ENN is looking for experiences of implementing programmes focused on addressing wasting and stunting together for a special section of FEX67. Read more here.

5 August 2021: De quoi voudriez-vous que ENN traite dans ses contenus axés sur la COVID-19 et les programmes de nutrition ? Répondez à l’enquête  ici. Merci !

4 August 2021: What would you like ENN to focus on for a learning series on COVID-19 and nutrition programming? Help us make this as relevant to your needs as possible by filling out this quick 10 min survey. Thank you!

Papers and publications

19 August 2021: New systematic review shows the need for more maternal-focused interventions to improve infant growth and nutritional status in LMICs. Available at Plos One. Co-authored by ENN. Read more here.