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ENN and UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) have partnered to produce a second regional issue, this time on complementary feeding in South Asia. 

Nutrition Exchange (NEX) South Asia: Improving the diets of young children contains nine articles from six countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan) written by government staff and their development partners, including UNICEF, WFP, Alive and Thrive and the Helen Keller International organisation. 

Each country is a unique context and these articles provide important insights into how the diets of young children are assessed, understood and addressed across diverse settings. This themed issue provides a very rich insight into what’s being done in each of these countries to improve complementary feeding, the challenges being faced and the steps being taken to protect children in the 6-23 months age range from the negative impacts of poor diets on their growth and development.
Carmel Dolan / Judith Hodge NEX Co-editors

Articles from NEX South Asia 2

Find out how countries are working on policy and programming initiatives to improve young children’s diets in South Asia – authors share their experiences and lessons learned in nine articles from six countries.


Articles from NEX South Asia 1


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