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The ENN hosted a 3 day meeting at the Town Hall in Oxford, UK, from 7th – 9th October 2014 to facilitate technical learning and networking on nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive programming in emergencies and high burden contexts. The meeting engaged a broad audience of over 100 delegates that included NGOs, UN agencies, academia, bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, private sector and government representatives. Find out more about the meeting here and download the agenda. Click here to see a list of participants.

Click below to download presentations. 

Thank you to all who attended and for all who made the meeting possible. We are now working on the conference report which will be distributed once complete. 


Plenary presentations from Day 1 of the Meeting:

Setting the scene/context/costs; Jeremy Shoham (ENN)

Objectives of the meeting; Lola Gostelow

The International Nutrition Scene: Where and how technical considerations matter; Lawrence Haddad (IFPRI)

Lawrence Haddad Presents on: The International Nutrition Scene: Where and How?

Lawrence Haddad (IFPRI) presents on The International Nutrition Scene: Where and how technical considerations matter. Follow on Twitter at #TMN2014

Scaling Up Nutrition and the Common Results Framework (CRF); Patrizia Fracassi (SMS)

Patrizia Fracassi (SMS), Rob Hughes (DFID) and Jose Luis Alvarez (ACF-UK) present on Scaling Up Nutrition and the impact of nutrition-sensitive interventions. Follow on Twitter #TMN2014

MQ-SUN Technical Assistance; Rob Hughes (DFID)

Aid for Nutrition: Maximising the impact of nutrition-sensitive interventions; Jose Luis Alvarez (ACF-UK)

Donor Perspective

Overview of WASH and nutrition; Professor Sandy Cairncross (LSHTM)

Reducing Child Mortality Rates by Maximising the Effectiveness of WASH approaches on Undernutrition; Daniele Lantange (Tufts University) and Luke Ascolillo (Tufts University)

To find out more about WASH and Nutrition, click here.

Promotion of a holistic approach to address poor WASH and chronic undernutrition in Indonesia; Mr. Hadiat (National Development Planning Agency) and Harriet Torlesse (UNICEF)

Plenary presentations from Day 2 of the Meeting:

CaLP overview for Cash and Nutrition programming; Nadia Zuodar (CaLP)

An Interagency Framework for multi-purpose cash programming - Lebanon Case Study; Isabelle Pelly (SC-UK)


Nadia Zuodar presents CaLP overview for Cash and Nutrition programming. Follow on Twitter #TMN2014

Tools to Assess the feasability of Cash and Voucher Transfers for nutrition objectives; Natalie Rae Aldern (WFP)

Syria Field Exchange Special Edition; Jeremy Shoham and Marie McGrath (ENN)

Jeremy Shoham and Marie McGrath (ENN) present: Syria Field Exchange Special Edition. Follow on Twitter #TMN2014


Market Place presentations; Domitille Kaufman from the FAO and Tisungeni Ziimpita from Concern Worldwide

The relationship between wasting and stunting, policy, programming and research implications; Tanya Khara (ENN)

SAM, Stunting and Chronic Disease Considerations; Marko Kerac (LSHTM)


Summaries of 12 market place presentations, held on Day 2 of the meeting, can be found here.


Plenary presentations from Day 3 of the Meeting:

Dr Ferew Lemma from the Office of the Minister. Follow on Twitter #TMN2014

Nutrition successes and challenges in the Ethiopian context; Dr Ferew Lemma (Senior Advisor, Office of the Minister; REACH facilitator)

Nutrition interventions in Egypt: What is missing? Dr Gihan Fouad (National Nutrition Institute)

Nutrition of Vietnam: Situation, Progress and Challenges; Dr Phuong Huynh (National Institute of Nutrition)

Strengthen IYCF policies selected countries in the South East Asia Region: Pan Thi Hong Linh (Alive and Thrive, Vietnam)


Presentations from the Parallel Sessions on Day 3 of the meeting (the following 3 sessions ran in parallel). Abstracts from the parallel sessions are available at Parallel sessions TMN.

Parallel Session 1: MUAC/WHZ for programming

MUAC versus WHZ as admission in ATFC’s, Saskia van der Kam (MSF)

MUAC ( oedema) Programming for uncomplicated malnutrition treatment: MSF’s Experience, Saskia van der Kam (MSF) 

Saftey of using mid-upper arm circumference as a discharge criterion in community-based management of severe actue malnutrition, Paul Binns (Valid International)

Preventing malnutrition among children below 2 years in Chad – Non-randomized intervention study comparing seasonal versus perennial distribution of ready-to-use supplementary food, France Broillet (MSF) 


Parallel Session 2: CMAM Reporting/ data management/ evidence generation

Reviewing CMAM practice and outcomes in 12 countries and lessons learnt in the design and implementation of an online information system for the monitoring and reporting of CMAM, Susan Fuller (SCUK) 

Mobile Phones to Improve Treatment, Reporting, Monitoring and Supply Management for Acute Malnutrition, Melani O'Leary (WVI) 

Nutrition as part of ICCM: Evidence, Challenges and Future Directions of Research 

Parallel Session 3: Integratoin of nutrition into other systems 

The importance of engaging in Health systems strengthening to ensure Nutrition interventions are truly delivered within the health system, Anne-Dominique Israel (ACF)

Nutrition at the Center: Maximizing Outcomes Through Integrated Nutrition Programming in High Burden Contexts, Bethan Cottrell (CARE) 

Community Resilience to Acute Malnutrition (CRAM), Kate Culver (Concern) 

WASH in nutrition, Caroline Abla (IMC) 



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