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How to support the ENN

Why support the ENN? 

The ENN occupies a unique space in the humanitarian sector to support and fast track learning and improve practice amongst those working with the most nutritionally vulnerable. It is an essential professional support to those working in extreme and often isolated situations.  We influence policy, guidance and research agendas.

Our resources are available free of charge so that they are equally accessible to all. Most of our academic papers appear as open access. Field Exchange is available online and in print. Printed editions help progammers worldwide access learning, especially where internet access is limited.

"A relatively small but highly effective agency which punches way above its size"

ENN academic partner 

Our project work covers areas where there are gaps in evidence or guidance that may compromises programming quality. These activities are often funded as distinct projects through earmarked funding. More untied or strategic funding enables us to be more responsive to needs that emerge in the sector.

We greatly appreciate - and need - the support of a range of funders to enable our work.

"ENN provides an over-arching, bird’s eye view of the sector from a research and implementation perspective – Field Exchange is the vehicle for capturing this perspective. En-net - providing an easy to access platform to ask questions and access technical support - is highly valued."

ENN partner 

Funding support

We welcome funding in all shapes and forms. We are happy to submit project proposals and to receive one-off or multi-year contributions. Agencies can sponsor a particularly themed or language edition of our publications or particular programmes and projects.  Please contact us if you would like to explore opportunities.

Individual donations

Individual donations make a big difference – Please contact us for how to help. 

Donor visibility

All our donors are acknowledged online and in funded publications and work. Sponsored work will be acknowledged in all materials. We enjoy good working relationships with our government donors and consider this a strong partnership with good communication. We submit periodic reports as required by individual donors and undertake both an ENN annual audit of accounts and donor-specific audits as required.


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