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Who we are

We help practitioners better serve those most vulnerable to the causes and consequences of malnutrition. 

Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) is an international non-governmental organisation, working with practitioners, policy makers and researchers to strengthen know-how and evidence to overcome malnutrition.

We're aiming for a sector where the work of all practitioners is shaped and served by the best possible policy, research and practice and that this ultimately reduces the incidence and impact of malnutrition.

How we work

We work for those who are working to improve outcomes of populations in countries that experience a high burden of malnutrition and the immediate, longer term and intergenerational consequences of this.  

We work with individuals, institutions and networks at global, regional and country levels across specialities and sectors. This includes policy makers, notably government and United Nations agencies, academics, local and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society groups and funders (bilateral and independent).

Field Exchange

ENN was established in 1996 to connect practitioners directly with nutritional experts, and to ensure vital know-how gained during times of crisis wasn’t lost but built upon and effectively shared. 

Our flagship peer-to-peer publication, Field Exchange, was created to fill this gap and to capture and rapidly ‘exchange’ nutrition programming experiences.


Driven by networks and committed to evidence, we have continued to listen, capture, and share knowledge and experience where it exists, and advocate for it to be developed where it is missing. We have maintained a strong focus on under-researched areas in nutrition and on our long-term support to key nutrition stakeholders.


en-net is a free and open online community forum where nutrition practitioners can access prompt technical advice for challenges they are facing.

en-net links nutrition practitioners to an extensive network of peers and experts, who can offer advice and share their experiences of complex operational challenges.

Available in both French and English.

Our vision

Every individual confronted by malnutrition has access to the knowledge, tools, services and resources they require to meet their needs. 


We believe that, as their own first responders in crisis or to threats, greater agency and access to relevant, contextualised services for individuals, and the families and communities that support them, is critical to the sustainable, prevention and treatment of malnutrition.

A mother holding her infant who is being checked by a medical professional