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Who we are

The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) is a UK registered charity. It was set up to improve practice and strengthen the institutional memory of agencies involved in the emergency food and nutrition sectors. Founded in Dublin in 1996 by Jeremy Shoham and Fiona O’Reilly, it moved to Oxford in 2004.

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"To me, ENN is one of the most long-standing focal points for emergency nutrition technical information and coordination."

ENN partner 

Our governance

The charity is governed by a board of trustees and steered by four technical directors. We are guided by our strategy (2013-2015). Our accounts are audited annually and submitted to the UK Charities Commission.

Our purpose

We help people who tackle malnutrition to do the best possible job.

We do this by enabling nutrition networking and learning to build the evidence base for nutrition programming. Our focus is communities in crisis, typically humanitarian emergencies, and where undernutrition is a significant chronic problem.

We consider both nutrition-specific programming, such as management of acute malnutrition, and nutrition sensitive programming, that involve sectors such as social protection, agriculture, health, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).


"I think the added value/unique selling point of the ENN to me is that it’s an independent/neutral technical platform where practitioners could raise and freely discuss any issue." 

ENN partner 

Areas of work

We are steered by what practitioners need to work effectively. A consultation with ENN stakeholders informed our revised strategy (2016-2020)

"ENN is an indisputable knowledge management and learning platform for the nutrition community at any level – beginner to advanced - it’s a platform where individuals and organisations could document and share their lessons from various contexts across the globe"  

ENN partner 


ENN is a member of Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) of the Global Nutrition Cluster, the Council for Research and Technical Advice  on Acute Malnutrition (CORTASAM) of the No Wasted Lives Initiative and Cash Learning Partnerhsip (CaLP).

For more information, download an ENN flyer here.

Our capacity

ENN has a small administrative office in Oxford, UK where four part-time finance and operations support staff are based. Six technical (nutrition) staff are home-based in the UK. A strong global network of ENN Associates (experienced independent consultants and researchers) and partnerships with academic institutions extends ENN’s capacity on a project by project basis. Find out more about ENN team and associates. 

How we develop work programmes

We develop projects based on  gap areas we witness through our work and network, that are in keeping with our mission and help realise our strategic objectives.

We often work with international agencies, academic institutions and independent experts and welcome approaches from others to collaborate.

We do not undertake programme evaluations or ad hoc consultancies.


"Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) used to feel like a neglected topic, which was one of reasons why it was really important that someone took it on: ENN really did, and now people understand what you’re talking about" 

Partner of the IFE Core Group 

Our reach

We have a broad base of people who access and contribute to our work worldwide.  They work in at a variety of levels (from programming to research to policy-makers) in many different specialities, particularly nutrition, food security, health. Find out more about our audience.

Our impact

In 2015 Mokoro Ltd conducted an independent evalulation of ENN - the full report is now available as well as an executive summary for shorter reading. We have also conducted evaluations of Field Exchange in 20092012 and 2015, Nutrition Exchange in 2012 and 2015 and en-net in 2012 and 2015. In 2009 we also conducted a snapshot of Field Exchange citations used in published literature.

“ENN provides an independent and neutral space for technical debates and meetings; makes things happen that otherwise would not” academic researcher

“The ENN has the vision and know how to bring many questions that others maybe struggling with to the forefront for open discussions and learning. The community needs such an agent of change”. Technical lead, international NGO

“.... consistently impressed with Field Exchange, it is very practical for practitioners, high quality and makes ENNs research relevant to humanitarian workers and their work” Government donor.


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