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Conference on Government experiences of Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition and Scaling Up Nutrition

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Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN)
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Conference report

The CMAM/SUN conference was the culmination of over a year of detailed preparation involving numerous highly skilled people to bring about a successful meeting of senior Government delegates, UN agency, non-governmental organisations, academics, private sector representatives and individual experts. The conference was the first international occasion for Governments to be at the forefront of sharing their lessons of CMAM scale up and as such, provided a unique and rich insight into the achievements and obstacles Governments face in addressing high levels of acute malnutrition in their countries. The Conference was funded by from Canadian International Development Agency, UK Aid (Department for International Development ) and Irish Aid.

This report provides a brief account of the presentations and discussions of the four day conference. Video footage is available at www.cmamconference2011.org and on DVD on request.

CMAM Conference 2011 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This is a short video from the conference, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 14th - 17th November 2011, which includes an opening address from the late Dr Ferew Lemma.

Front cover of document titled, "Conference on Governmentexperiences of Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition and Scaling Up Nutrition Conference Report."



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