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Hello all,

We are the editors and this is for anyone who is interested in the 'process' i.e. how pieces published in this newsletter, become pieces published in this newsletter.

First of all the field accounts are the backbone of this newsletter: these we have received in various stages of readiness. Articles in this issue have either been sent to us without our prior knowledge that they were being written or been prompted by us having 'heard' that someone had an interesting programme experience which may be useful to others. Articles reach us in various stages of readiness: some being sent to us as a draft outline which then go through an iterative process of re-structuring and re-writing between the author and ENN team. Other contributors have not had the time to be involved in re-writes, but do see the final draft. There are also the field level articles which arrive in near perfect draft form and all we have to do is dot the "is and cross the "C's

We get our research and review pieces by phoning around research institutes and emergency relief agencies to ask if any current research is going on. We also scour the literature. We will report on either completed or on-going research provided it is current and seems to us to be relevant to those working in the emergency food and nutrition sector.

The evaluation articles have been written by us and are summaries of emergency programme evaluations. We try to ensure that one of the evaluation authors sees the final draft and is happy with the content and focus.

That covers most of the material in this newsletter, other sections are more obvious. Through out the newsletter we will encourage your comments on how we have covered different sections. Indeed if there are sections we should be covering and are not, do not hesitate in letting us know.

The Editors

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