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Invite to make the most of your experiences at Oxford Brookes University


As Head of the Department of Human Biology, Food Sciences and Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University, Professor Jeya Henry is involved in both research in international nutrition and teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. His department is aware that valuable nutrition data and experiences gathered by NGO workers often go unrecognised and are typically poorly documented and shared. NGO workers often have limited physical space to work on return from work overseas, or may lack the necessary technical support to make the most of data collected and evaluations made or to write-up experiences. Such analysis has the potential to promote individual learning and development, and at the same time contribute to our overall knowledge of the reality of working in emergencies.

To this end, Professor Henry extends an invite to individuals needing a quiet corner of the globe, to contact him, with a view to his department offering space to evaluate or write-up findings in a conducive environment with academic support. He is open to ideas and flexible time-frames, so if you have nutrition data that you want to work on but don't quite have the wherewithal or have research ideas that you want to formulate but haven't quite got there, give him a call. Enquiries from individuals outside the UK are most welcome and encouraged.

For further information, contact: Professor J Henry, School of Biological and Molecular Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, Headington, Oxford, OX3 OBP, UK. tel: +44 (0)1865 483295 email: jhenry@brookes.ac.uk. web: www.brookes.ac.uk

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