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People in Aid (issue 20)

Teshome Feleke (Valid International), Marie McGrath (ENN), Enric Frexia (ECHO), Ana Gerlin Hernandez Bonilla (ICRC)

Isabelle Sauguet (Nutriset), Steve Collins (ValidInternational), Anne Callanan (WFP)

Jeya Henry (Brookes Uni, Oxford), Bruce Cogill (FANTA)

Abdallah Eisa (SC Sudan), Arabella Duffield (ENN)

Carlos Navarro (ACF), Mary Corbett (DCI)


CTC workshop

A three day workshop was held by CONCERN Worldwide and Valid International on the Community Therapeutic Care (CTC) approach to addressing malnutrition in emergencies, in Dublin, Ireland between 8th-10th of October. Bringing together interested agencies, key academics and donors, the aim was to discuss and develop strategies and policies to harmonise the future implementation of CTCs. The proceedings of this workshop will be prepared and disseminated by the ENN.

Mike Golden (Ind), Tahmeed Ahmed (ICDR'B)

Anne Callanan (WFP), Fiona O' Reilly (ENN)

Montse Saboya (MSF France), Sophie Baquet (MSF Belgium)

Anna Taylor (SC UK), Mark Manary (University ofWashington)

Yvonne Grellety (Ind), Jeremy Shoham (ENN)

Paul Rees-Thomas (Concern), Chris Brasher (MSFFrance)

El Hadji Issakha Diop (University of Dakar), Salimate Wade (Universityof Dakar) Anne Nesbitt(Queen Elizabeth Hospital,Malawi)


PSP course

Between 14 and 27 September, the biannual MSF PSP (populations en situation precaire) course was held in Paris, France. Targeting experienced, ideally MSF, medical staff at co-ordination level, the 12 day training included epidemiology, vaccination, nutrition, water and sanitation and emergencies.
Thirty-six people took part in the course

Group picture: 36 participants of the PSP + permanent team

Sub-Group:Sophie Baquet, Joseph Leberer, Cecile Chapuis, Juncal Gonzalez, Janet Raymond and Johanne Sekkenes

Permanent team: Isabelle Beauquesne, Johanne Sekkenes, Catherine Bachy, Gloria Puertas, Brigg Reilley

Regine Kopplow with Nutrition team: Roya translator, Fawzya nurse, Laila nurse, Aslam driver, in front sitting Saber nutrition field worker, Ahmir Khan nutrition field worker with his son Belal. Rustaq Concern field office/north-east Afghanistan, April 2003.

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