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People in Aid (issue 29)

Mohammed Salih (WFP VAM) explaining SCUK pre-conflict Food Economy Zones with Alessandro DeMarreis (Senior Food Security Adviser, FAO Emergency Co-ordination Unit Africa) looking on.

James Achanyi-Fontem, National Coordinator,Cameroon Link, and Mary Materu, Director of COUNSEUTH (see agency profile), attending IBFAN regional meeting on IFE in Mbabane, Swaziland in June, 2006.

Gearldaine Maclaine and Ali Maclaine (Independent)

Pascale Delchevalerie (MSF-Belgium) and Mark-Andre Prost (LSHTM)

Participants (UN, government, ICRC, NGOs and donors) from Darfur wide Nutrition, Food Security & Livelihood Information Systems Workshop held in Nyala, Darfur in March 2006

Participants in IFRC Food Security Assessment Training held in Swaziland on 25-28 September, 2006

FAO Darfur Officers - Left to right Mohammed Al Hafiz (Geneina), Eisa Nour Hassab (Nyala), Beshir Abdul Rahman (Al Fashir).



Patrick Karanja, FAO, Caprivi, Namibia

Participants and support staff in one of the JFFL Schools in Namibia (see field article)

Children participating in one of the JFFL Schools in Namibia (see field article)

Local youths volunteering to help in site clearing at Seim Nujoma Combined School, Kebbe

Staff of the Likunganelo Fish Farm, run by the Minisitry of Fisheries, in Caprivi, Namibia

Staff of the Likunganelo Fish Farm, run by the Minisitry of Fisheries, in Caprivi, Namibia

Jeffita Chikwanda, WFP Field Monitor in Katima, Caprivi region of Namibia

Christine Namushi Matomola (Namibian Red Cross) and Lilian Mutinta Buiswatelo (Ministry of Gender, Equality and Child Welfare) Caprivi, Namibia

John, driver with WFP, and Jeffita, WFP Field Monitor, at work in Katima

Marie McGrath (ENN) and Patrick Lubanda (Africare) during ENN visit to Caprivi, Namibia


Snapshots from the IFE meeting held in Oxford, 1-2 November, 2006

Gay Palmer (Independent) and Jessica Malter (UNICEF NY)

Rupert Gill (ENN) and Abigail Beeson (CARE USA)

Carsten Voelz (CARE International) and Karleen Gribble (Uni of Western Sydney)

Flora Sibanda-Mulder (UNICEF NY) and Marcos Arana (IBFAN Latin America and Carribean)

Mija Tesse-Ververs (IFRC) and Iman Zein (IBFAN Lebanon)

Cecile Bizouerne (ACF), Mary Lung'aho (CARE USA) and Lida Lhotska (IBFAN-GIFA)

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