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Latest version of NutVal available


The latest version of the NutVal 2006 spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring the nutritional content of general food aid rations is now available. The programme is an Excel Spreadsheet (Version 2) and was released in August 2008. The programme was developed by WFP with input from University College London and with financial support from WFP, UNHCR, UCL Futures, and the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster

This tool can be used to design rations and see the contribution of a ration (and food aid commodities) to meeting the major nutrient needs for the whole population or by age (e.g. under fives) or physiological status (e.g. pregnant and lactating women). The following requirements are included: energy, protein, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin A, Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and Vitamin C. Foods commonly found in food aid baskets are included in the database of 145 foods.

Food commodity pricing was included in earlier versions of NutVal. However, due to the recent sharp increases in food prices and continuing market volatility, it was considered no longer possible to provide a meaningful guide price for planning purposes. A correction on the energy requirement calculation for lactation has also been included in Version 2.

The Spreadsheet tool may be down- loaded from http://www.nutval.net/

Email comments or suggestions for improving the tool to: support@nutval.net

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