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Announcing Field Exchange ‘Digest’


Ongoing analysis of the readership profile of the print issue Field Exchange shows that the majority of readers are from international agencies and research groups. Whilst there are a significant number of governments and civil society organisations reading Field Exchange, they are in a minority. Most of the field articles are written by international staff. While this is partly a reflection of the origins of Field Exchange (set up to capture lessons by international organisations), we are acutely aware of this imbalance. To address this, the ENN has developed a new pilot publication called Field Exchange Digest (FEX Digest). The first issue is available in English, French and Arabic.

FEX-Digest provides a summary of articles, information and news from previous issues of Field Exchange. About one quarter the size of a typical Field Exchange issue, it offers a snapshot of key articles and updated information on references, guidelines, tools, and trainings. The language used is less technical to appeal to a broader range of practitioners at national level.

The specific objective of FEX-Digest is to increase access to information published in Field Exchange among national stakeholders and to introduce FEX to those unaware of the publication as a means for sharing of national level programme experiences.

The first issue of FEX-D, funded by Irish Aid, was published in May 2011. It is hoped that this will continue as an annual publication and with further translations. Print editions are currently being disseminated to over 1,800 targeted recipients in five countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Niger, Sudan and Bangladesh) and to selected international stakeholders.

Limited numbers of remaining print copies are available (free). Request online at www.ennonline.net/fexdigest/subscribe or email: fexdigest@ennonline.net The electronic version of FEX-D in English, French and Arabic is available at: http://www.ennonline.net/fexdigest

Pilot evaluation

The ENN is currently collecting feedback on this first issue. We invite you to complete a very short (5 minute) on-line survey after reviewing the publication. Your comments will help us to strengthen future issues of FEX-D. See links below for the survey in English, French and Arabic.
English survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fexdigest
French survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fexdigest_fr
Arabic survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fexdigest_ar

Feedback can also be sent to the FEX Digest editors, Carmel Dolan and Valerie Gatchell, email: fexdigest@ennonline.net

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