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CMAM Conference, Addis Ababa, 2011

Some of the participants during the social evening hosted by the Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

Some of the ENN Team - Mesene Mulualem, Leyla Kedir, Wondwossen Mahere, Thom Banks & Marie McGrath

Traditional dancers during the MoH hosted social evening

Getahun Teka (WHO Ethiopia) and Andre Briend (Independent)

H.E. Nadera Hayat Burhani (Deputy Minister for Health Care Services Provision, Afghanistan) and Sohail Saqlain (Joint Secretary, Pakistan)

Noel Marie Zagre (UNICEF ESARO), Zita Weise-Prinzo (WHO) and Ilka Esquivel (UNICEF NY)

Sabas Kimboka (Tanzania) & Kirsten Havemann (Danida)

Rob Hughes (DFID) & Hatty Barthorp (Goal)

Beatrice Eluka and Philippa Momah (FMOH, Nigeria)

Agnes Aongola (MoH Zambia) & Catherine Mkangama (OPC, Malawi)

Anne Philpott (DFID India), Haile Gebreselaisse (Ethiopia) and Biraj Patnaik (India) at Addis airport (a good omen?)

Gwyneth Coates (Concern) and Mary Corbett (Irish Aid)

Elizabeth Johnson (Food and Nutrition Programme, Sierra Leone) and Jeneba Kamara (Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone)

Dr Telahun Teka (FANTA Ethiopia) and Hedwig Deconinck (FANTA2)

Raj Pokharel (MOPH, Nepal) and Manohar Agnani (Madhya Pradesh, India)

Jan Kormska (UNICEF) and Martin Gallagher (Irish Aid)

Emily Mates (ENN), Kate Sadler (Tufts), Steve Collins (Valid Int) and Anne Philpott (DFID India)

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