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Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance Launch


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On the 2nd December 2020, the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) Technical Alliance (formally Global Technical Assistance Mechanism (GTAM)) was officially launched via a webinar with over 300 participants. The Alliance is an initiative to improve the quality of nutrition preparedness, response and recovery by enabling and providing coordinated, accessible and timely technical support through multiple channels where gaps exist. It is led by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), co-led by World Vision and supported by a leadership team including Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), the GNC Coordination Team and International Medical Corps and includes GNC partners and other actors working at a global, regional and country level.   

Broadly speaking, the Alliance enables practitioners working at all levels to access existing technical resources, guidance, country learnings and capacity strengthening tools via the website as well as technical support from experienced nutrition advisors to answer questions or provide more in-depth support (through either remote or in-country support). When there is a need for guidance on an emerging technical area and/or challenging context, the Alliance brings together experts in Global Thematic Working Groups (GTWG) to rapidly develop interim guidance or provide expert advice. These GTWGs develop consensus driven ‘stop-gap’ guidance on emerging nutrition technical issues, where guidance is lacking or evidence is inconclusive and will link with the World Health Organization (WHO) rapid or longer-term normative guidance development processes where appropriate. ENN’s en-net platform links directly to the Alliance in order that technical issues put forward by practitioners can inform the work of the GTWGs and so that practitioners can input into this work.

Support from the Alliance is available to all practitioners working in nutrition programmes in all countries responding to or recovering from emergency situations. You can ask a technical question or request support by registering your interest on the request form found on the GNC Technical Alliance website.

For more information, visit the website.

Read the Strategic Intent (2021- 2023) of the GNC TA here.


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