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ENN’s Research Partner Brief


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In February 2022, ENN published a short brochure highlighting the ways in which the organisation provides support and collaborates with its research partners. Being recognised globally as a thought partner and convener in nutrition, ENN prioritises evidence-based research that drives practical solutions for people working in nutritional emergencies. It is looking for more research partners to become involved. The full Research Partner Brief can be found online at https://www.ennonline.net/researchpartners.

ENN’s research engagement principles and practices are grounded in fair and collaborative partnerships to co-create evidence, recognising each partner’s full contributions, with an emphasis on open access research outputs. ENN believes that robust scientific evidence which impacts and informs national and international policy and practice must build from national capacities and collaborative research partnerships. To this end, ENN is looking forward to developing a more diverse portfolio of research partnerships to continue the important work of capturing and sharing evidence that can lead to improvements in policy and practice.

The Research Partner Brief provides a quick overview of the current types of research partnerships in place, how ENN supports partners across the research cycle, the technical specialisms that ENN has to offer, highlights from ENN’s publication library, how ENN supports research dissemination, an overview of ENN’s impact in the research space and finally, a call for more people to collaborate on ENN’s work. The brief emphasises how the organisation is committed to further broadening its research collaborations and, in particular, how it wishes to support the increased localisation of research by establishing more partnerships in those countries affected by a high burden of undernutrition.


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