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2022 Global Nutrition Report

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This is a summary of the following report: Global Nutrition Report (2022) 2022 Global Nutrition Report: The state of global nutrition.

The global nutrition crisis – already severe before the COVID-19 pandemic – has worsened, with worrying trends across every form of malnutrition, from hunger to obesity. Policy interventions to date are failing to reverse these trends, while conflict around the world (including the war in Ukraine) and the cascading impacts of climate change persist.

At the 2022 Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit, stakeholders stepped up to make unprecedented commitments to improve global nutrition. As part of these efforts, the Global Nutrition Report was endorsed to create the world’s first independent Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF) (Box 1). The NAF ensures that all nutrition commitments, including and beyond N4G, can be made Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART) and are captured, standardised and monitored transparently.

Box 1: Tools and platform available as part of the NAF

  • The NAF Platform is a central, online and publicly available platform for stakeholders to sign up, register and, later, to report on the progress of their commitments.
  • The Nutrition Action Classification System is a classification system that identifies types of action taken as “enabling”, “policy” or “impact”. Each classification is further divided into four distinct sub-categories.
  • The Nutrition Action SMARTness Index is a ranking system that enables the assessment and reporting of the SMARTness of commitments as “high”, “upper moderate”, “lower moderate” or “low”.
  • The NAF Commitment Tracker is an online, interactive platform for making all data on commitments publicly available.

For more information about the NAF, please visit

The 2022 Global Nutrition Report analysed commitments registered in the NAF and found much to celebrate, with 198 stakeholders from 84 countries making 433 commitments and with 897 goals to improve nutrition. Most were made by 78 country governments (in a non-donor role), followed by 56 civil society organisations, 30 private sector businesses, 21 donors, 7 international organisations and 7 academic institutions. Collectively, stakeholders committed over USD 42.6 billion, with a strong focus on prioritising low- and lower-middle-income countries in Africa and Asia. The report outlines a strong intention to support leadership and governance in addressing undernutrition. A significant proportion of commitments are aligned with key global maternal, infant and young child nutrition targets. Furthermore, there are increased efforts to improve the SMARTness of goals, with a quarter of commitments ranking high for SMARTness.

There are still gaps in several critical areas. Specifically, the report summarises the increased need for:

A far broader constituency of actors to step up worldwide and make commitments that can be accounted for in improving nutrition

Commitments to reflect sustained and increased external and domestic public and private financing for nutrition that can be easily tracked

Far greater attention to be paid to food security that truly includes nutrition security in commitment-making

Commitments that will bring transformative policies for our food system and deliver universal access to healthy, affordable and sustainably produced food

Commitments that promote universal access to nutrition care services that are integrated in the health system

The report showcases the value of the NAF, sets the baseline for monitoring actions and serves as a call to action for all stakeholders. Only by seeing everyone’s contribution accounted for, monitored, and reported can we deliver change and build resilience across the most vulnerable communities globally.

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