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IFE Core Group meeting report 2020

Author: IFE Core Group
Year: 2021
Resource type: Report

Meeting Overview

The IFE Core Group 2020 Annual Meeting was held from 4 – 12 November 2020, hosted by the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN). The meeting was conducted online with remote participation for around two full days divided over four days (five days for the Steering Committee). The meeting was facilitated by the IFE Core Group Steering Committee (IFE-CG SC) members. The meeting agenda can be found in Annex 1.

Objectives and outputs of the meeting

The IFE Core Group (IFE-CG) online meeting aimed to regroup IFE-CG members to discuss progress in IFE-CG activities, reflect on experiences during the year and plan for the coming year.

The meeting objectives were to:
• Review IFE-CG progress for 2020 with a focus on the role played in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
•Identify priority areas and actions for a workplan to be delivered by the collective for 2021 - 2023 based on the newly developed IFE-CG Strategy.

The expected outputs of the meeting were:
1. Key priority areas that will serve as the basis for an action plan
2. Meeting report with key follow up actions.

Attendees and meeting format

The meeting was attended primarily by IFE-CG members.1 A total of 27 participants attended the first day of the online meeting with participants breaking up into working groups on the second day. On Day 3, 19 participants joined and 17 members participated on Day 4. See Annex 2 for a full list of participants as well as individual working group lists along with group photos.

Topics covered on the first day included a discussion of the IFE-CG’s contributions to the COVID-19 response, a review of actions identified during the face-to-face meeting in 2019, a presentation of the IFE-CG Strategy and an introduction to the working groups for each of the outputs and activities. On Day 2, participants broke up into working groups (sub-committees) to discuss priority areas within the various outputs of the IFE-CG Strategy. On Day 3, working groups presented the
outcomes of their discussions in plenary. Day 4 was a session for Steering Committee members to reflect on the previous day, discuss and plan for the closing session. The final day involved a summary of presentations and action points as well as an evaluation of the meeting. The meeting agenda can be found in Annex 1.

This report provides an overview of the meeting’s proceedings including key priority actions and activities that will serve as the basis for the 2021 – 2023 IFE-CG workplan. 


IFE-Core-Group-2021_.pdf (PDF, 2.9mb)


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