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Episode 3:

Evaluation and strengthening of a CRF


Join Tui Swinnen and Tamsin Walters for the final installment of this three-part podcast series on the Common Results Framework (CRF). In this podcast they discuss the importance of monitoring and evaluation progress towards shared goals.

We also speak to Maria Rosa Boggio, who has worked closely with the Roundtable on Poverty Reduction in Peru, about the significant progress that has been made towards reducing malnutrition in this country. We discussed how this approach evolved and the importance of a robust monitoring for tracking results.

This three-part series explores the concept of the Common Results Framework (CRF). The CRF concept has been championed by the SUN Movement based on the understanding that countries with realistic, shared goals for reducing malnutrition, detailed national plans outlining how these will be achieved, and alignment and coordination between multiple sectors and stakeholders, can make significant improvements in the nutritional status of their populations.

ENN produced a report in 2015 that looked at the development of the concept of the CRF and how this was understood and implemented by stakeholders within SUN countries. In this series we revisit the findings of the report exploring the three different stages of CRF evolution (1. Development and planning, 2. Implemention, 3. Evaluation and Strengthening) and sit down again with stakeholders from countries profiled in 2015.

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