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2 March 2019: Do you have insight related to increasing rural incomes, improving access to nutritious food and clean water, or expanding agricultural production? Submit a Proposal to Present at Cracking the Nut 2019 here.

15 February 2019: No Wasted Lives is supporting the women in science campaign by showcasing the work of inspiring female researchers. Read their stories here.

12 February 2019: The World Food Programme (WFP) has released an interactive dashboard that tracks the global burden of acute malnutrition and WFP's response, making statistics from individual countries immediately available. 

29 January 2019: The NAHRES January newsletter is out now - highlighting their international symposium and updates on activities in the second half of 2018! Click here to read.

20 December 2018: ENN are delighted to announce that the WaSt TIG has new members! Click here to view current members.

Papers and publications

10 April 2019: Read here about how a project in Zambia is treating children with severe acute malnutrition otherwise left untreated, within SFPs. This article is 'early online' ahead of FEX 60, out in June 2019. 

1 April 2019: Click here to read ENN's latest publication, funded by Irish aid, following a cohort of infants anthropometry from birth to predict mortality in the first year of life.

5 March 2019: Click here to read the new WHO guideline, providing global, evidence-informed recommendations on breastfeeding counselling, as a public health intervention, to improve breastfeeding practices among pregnant women and mothers who intend to or are currently breastfeeding, and their infants and children.

15 February 2019: Click here to read a new policy brief by the Global Panel, showing that a reduction in food loss and waste has the potential to yield substantial nutritional benefits, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

13 February 2019: Click here to read a new AJCN publication from the ENN WaSt project - providing evidence that stunting is in part a biological response to previous episodes of being wasted!

7 February 2019: ENN's Field Exchange 59 is out now! Read the online version here.

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30 January 2019: NEX11 is out now – featuring original articles on networks & nutrition coordination. Sign up today for your FREE copy!

16 January 2019: Read ENN's case study on nutrition resilience building in Somalia here, 'Bringing humanitarian and development frameworks, financing and programmes closer together'.

28 December 2018: Click here to read ENN's latest publication on outcomes and risk factors of severe malnutrition in infants aged <6 months in Bangladesh.

19 December 2018: Three papers from the WaSt TIG are now available. They contain some findings that surprised us (Having ‘multiple anthropometric deficits’ IS the same as being concurrently wasted and stunted, and boys are more affected than girls) and some findings that highlighted the wisdom of the past (weight-for-age is back! and Professor Waterlow was right about wasting and stunting all along). Read our WaSt Policy brief for more information on the implications of this research in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Thanks to Irish Aid and USAID/OFDA for making these papers possible.

12 December 2018: Click here to read ENN's latest report on the Current State of Evidence and Thinking on Wasting Prevention, a synthesis of published, grey literature and stakeholder opinion on what works to prevent wasting.

10 December 2018: The Global Nutrition Report 2018 has now been published and reveals that the global burden of malnutrition is unacceptably high and now affects every country in the world. It also highlights that if we act now it is not too late to end malnutrition in all its forms.

Tools and training

10 December 2018: A ‘Family MUAC’ Community of Practice has been launched on the State of Acute Malnutrition website, which provides case studies, frequently asked questions, and a map of where the approach is being implemented. Click here to access.


3 April 2019: Watch the live stream discussion on challenges regarding malnourished young infants at the MSF Paediatric Days here, April 5th, 14:00-15:40 (CEST). Streaming in both English and French!

20 January 2019: Join the Tech RRT Capacity Strengthening Webinar Series ‘Effective On-the-Job Coaching Strategies to Improve Program Capacity’ - on Thursday, 24th January 2019 from 13:00 UK time. Register here.