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19 June 2018: The African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (AAMMH) launched today in Lilongwe, Malawi. The AAMMH is an alliance of organisations and individuals working together to improve the mental health of mothers in Africa. For information about joining AAMMH, please email or visit the website.

5 June 2018: ENN's latest video is now live. Watch our new documentary 'Nutrition in Nepal - Multi-sector programming in Kapilvastu' here.

18 May 2018: Read a report of the MAMI SIG meeting hosted by ENN, funded by Irish Aid and Save the Children, in Oxford on 17th January 2018. This immediately followed a combined meeting of the MAMI SIG and Wasting and Stunting Technical Interest Group on the 16th January, to identify synergies.

27 February 2018: The authors share a letter of concern that was sent to officials and program officers at the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2018, in response to a WHO guideline on management of overweight and obesity in childhood. 

18 January 2018: No Wasted Lives and CORTASAM seek expressions of interest from organisations wishing to contribute to strengthening the evidence-base in priority research areas on the effective management of acute malnutrition at scale. Find out more here.  

Papers and publications

11 June 2018: Read the report of a joint meeting of WaSt Technical Interest Group and MAMI special Interest Group held on 16th January 2018. The meeting is intended as a first step in greater interaction between the two groups and with the wider nutrition community.

6 June 2018: The reports 'Impacts of CASH on NUTRITION outcomes' and 'Highlights from the Research 4 Action Workshop on Cash and Nutrition' summarise the available evidence linking cash to nutrition outcomes. Click here to read more.

25 May 2018: ENN's online publication 'Exploring multi-sector programming at the sub-national level in Senegal, Nepal and Kenya' is now available in French. Read more here.

18 May 2018: ENN has co-authored a qualitative study on the perceptions of acute malnutrition and its management in infants under 6 months of age in rural Bangladesh. Read more here.

10 May 2018: ENN has summarised the state of the thinking on the Aetiology of Wasting. This document was produced through support provided by UK aid & the UK Government for the MQSUN+ programme.

3 May 2018: Read a report of the Adolescent Interest Group Meeting , held in London on December 12th 2017 to identify synergies, opportunities, priorities and next steps to help develop the evidence base in the area of adolescent nutrition.

1 April 2018: ENN has produced a synthesis of evidence to date, key gaps and opportunities for adolescent nutrition. This was produced in preparation for the Adolescent Interest Group meeting on 12th December 2017. Read more here. 

31 March 2018: Field Exchange issue 57 has been released - a general issue with much varied and interesting content plus a summary of the Action Against Hunger 2017 Research for Nutrition Conference -  Download whole issue or individual articles

5 March 2018: 'Permaculture for Refugees in Camps' by 'permaculture for refugees' proposes a transformative model for refugees/IDPs in camps which empowers them towards positive social, economic, health and environmental change.

6 February 2018: The 7th newsletter of the IAEA Nutritional and Health Related Environmental Studies Section (NAHRES) is now out - find out more about the IAEA's role in using stable isotope techniques to fight global malnutrition. 

28 November 2017: ENN has released a new discussion paper on 'Stunting in Protracted Emergencies'. Funded by Irish Aid, this paper outlines the difficulties of gaining a clear understanding of the needs and an effective response to tackle stunting in FCAS.

Tools and training

13 June 2018: The Guide to Anthropometry: A Practical Tool for Program Planners, Managers, and Implementers is a user-friendly resource can be used to better collect, understand, and use anthropometric data on children, adolescents, and adults. Access the guide here.


6 June 2018: Un webinaire de le Tech RRT aura lieu le mardi 12 juin de 14h00 à 15h00 (heure du Royaume-Uni) sur les déploiements récents en RDC pour l’ANJE en urgence et PCIMA. SVP inscrivez-vous avant le 11 juin si vous souhaitez participer à Tech RRT.

1 February 2018: Report is out from the joint IAEA-WHO-UNICEF workshop on analysis of biological pathways to better understand the double burden of malnutrition and to inform action planning. See here for report, presentations and videos. 

11 December 2017: A Tech RRT Training Webinar will be held on 'Creating data entry forms using Epi Info 7.2' on Thursday 14th December, 2017 at 08:00-0:930 (New York), 13:00-14:30 (London). Download software to join. Email to register.