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29 September 2022: Given the current disruption to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, there is ongoing concern in the region. Read our full blog here

5 September 2022: The GNC Technical Alliance is hosting a Webinar Series: GBV Risk Mitigation in Nutrition and inclusion in the HRP. Second webinar on 20th Sept, sign up here

28 June 2022: New guideline review article, co-authored by ENN staff, shows children living with disabilties are neglected in severe malnutrition protocols. Read in full here

9 June 2022: The GNC Technical Alliance is hosting a Webinar Series: Costing Child Wasting Treatment. First webinar is on Thurs 16th June, 15:00-16:30 (GMT+1). Register here

25 May 2022: In reponse to the Ukraine Crisis, the Joint Statement - Protecting Maternal and Child Nutrition in the Ukraine Conflict and Refugee Crisis is now available in multiple languages

4 February 2022: The 15th newsletter of the IAEA Nutritional & Health-Related Environmental Studies Section (NAHRES) is now out. Read about their activites in the second half of 2021 here.

17 December 2021: A Call to Action to mobilize Nutrition in Universal Health Coverage has been developed by the N4G UHC Thematic Working Group. Find out more in this video.

23 November 2021: Upcoming webinar: WHO/ UNICEF IYCF Indicators: challenges and opportunities in humanitarian contexts. 24th Nov 2021 at 14:00-15:30 (GMT+1). Please register here.

Papers and publications

26 January 2023: ENN has published a research roadmap providing a scoping review of available literature for the six priority research areas identified by a recent survey.

21 October 2022: NEW Updates on Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) journal articles - Read the full Repository here 


18 October 2021: ENN has released a new resource: ‘Bringing new evidence on undernutrition and mortality risk into practice- Protocol for a prospective cohort study’. Read the resource here.

18 October 2021: A synthesis of working group recommendations to guide the development of the ‘Wasting Reset’ manifesto is now also available in French. Read here



16 December 2022: In researching for a webinar, the IFE Core Group are collecting examples of communication/media initiatives related to IYCF-E - please help us by contributing here!

1 November 2022: Upcoming webinar: Costing Child Wasting Treatment: Intro to cost and cost-effectiveness analysis for CMAM. Weds 9th Nov 2022, 15.00-16.30 (GMT+1/CET). Please register here

1 November 2022: Uganda: Annual Nutrition Symposium: 15-17th November 2022. The Ministry of Health is organizing a four-day Nutrition Symposium focusing on the systems approach for improving nutrition in Uganda. Read more here

10 October 2022: Upcoming webinar: Providing Breastfeeding Counselling During Emergencies.18 October 14:00-15:30 (GMT+1/CET/Geneva Time). Register here


9 November 2021: Join the MAMI Global Network on Friday Nov 19th at 13:00 – 14:30 GMT for an official N4G side-event. Info and registration hereFrench and Spanish interpretation available.

8 November 2021: A new Call to Action on Child Wasting. Under the leadership of ENN the global wasting community has identified six priority areas which have shaped a new, high-level Call to Action to galvanize collective action on this issue.

An N4G side event will take place on Tuesday 16th November, 2021 - 2pm CET / 8am EST.

Register here

22 October 2021: WHO, UNICEF and ENN invite you to a webinar providing updates on the WHO Wasting Guideline Development Process. 18th November 2021 (2-3pm BST). Register here.